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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trade Card Tuesday: Domestic Sewing Machines Vol. II

In December, I shared some Domestic Sewing Machine trade cards along with some info about the company's history and their advertising themes.  Today I have some more Domestic cards, but they're more about charming illustrations than hard-sell advertising.

This is one of my favorite cards.  Do you think they're playing "house" under the sewing machine?  

Two young ladies making doll clothes with the Domestic sewing machine.

A paper doll and her outfits.

This card is dated 1901.  It is still considered a trade card, but about this time postcards started usurping the popularity of trade cards and this type of advertising started to fade away.  I think we can agree the advertising copy still rings true today.  Don't you agree having just the right sewing machine makes you a happy camper and in turn, makes your home happy?