New Orleans House Project

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Pink Houses

I'm kinda sorry to see the end of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge month o' pink!  It's been fun looking for pink houses and sewing through the pink scraps.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go hunting for this week's pink house - we're off on a wee trip and there was just no time before leaving.

I do have a house to share with you, although you'll have to use your imagination and maybe visualize "Barbie Pink".

This house is located on a quiet New Orleans street and reflects the dreams of its owner, who poured lots of sweat equity into creating her own Barbie Dream House.

This week's house block is inspired by my own "vintage" fabrics - some Marsha McCloskey Staples and Robin Pandolph fat quarters that have been marinating in my stash for waaaay too long!

All the pink house blocks together.  I can't wait to see what color houses I'll be scouting next month!

Last, but not least, the final batch of spool blocks a la Bonnie Hunter.

That wraps up my pink Rainbow Scrap Challenge entries. I'll be sharing my stuff over at Angela's blog along with all the other pink scrappers - do take a look and get a dose of happy from all that pink!


  1. I really love how you have challenged yourself and created such beautiful spool and house blocks. And that Barbie house is adorable!

  2. Very pretty house and spool blocks - lovely calm colours (just what I need after the hectic day I've had!!)

  3. Love all the pretty pink spools and houses, I really like the New Orleans houses that you photographed, the Barbie one is adorable.

  4. Your little pink houses are adorable! Love the scrappy spools, too ... Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  5. Another pretty pink house. Love the paisley in the fabric. Pretty nice collection of spools too. Thanks for the real estate tour. Y'all have lots of fun colored houses there.

  6. Such a sweet little "Pandolph" pink house. All your houses are so cute! I enjoy coming over every Saturday to see the new ones :*)

  7. Cute Barbie House : ) I enjoy your pictures of colorful homes in New Orleans.
    Love, love, love your pink pieced houses and spools!

  8. Very cute. Love the barbie house. Will there be any purple or lilac houses next month? I am just guessing that color since that is her background as of yesterday.

  9. Great to see more pink houses. Your and the ones on the real street. Thanks for the cute house photos.