New Orleans House Project

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Sew Far

I'd like to list all the things I've already accomplished on a Saturday morning, but most of the things checked off my "to do" list involve never-ending household chores.  At least those things are taken care of and I can look ahead to sewing!

Today's major sewing focus is assembling Rainbow Scrap Challenge Granny Squares into a quilt top.  

I plan to sash the blocks with this multi-colored dot print, and use different colored cornerstone blocks in the sashing.

In order to get the layout square, I need to make four more Granny Square blocks.  I've decided to use some multi-colored prints for these last few blocks.  

I've also been working on leader-ender spool blocks a la Bonnie Hunter.  Even though these are small, they're a very satisfying way to use up scraps!  I'll definitely be carrying this project over to next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

So I think I might need a slice of Pecan Pie to invigorate me for all that sewing.  I've got plenty left over from Thanksgiving, so please have a virtual slice with me!  While we're enjoying our pie we can stop by Soscrappy's blog and see what all the other Rainbow Challengers have been creating this week.


  1. Now I'm craving pecan pie! LOL I love your blocks!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful! If I tried to get my household chores done before sewing, I'm afraid I would never sew again. :-)

  3. The pie looks good. We do not get your good pecans to make as good a pie as that. My dad traveled to Texas (10Yrs ago) and would bring us fresh pecans in the fall for Christmas baking. We get crappy ones here in the stores. Love your spools. Granny blocks look good, I too have to make some extras for some of mine quilts. Love Love the rainbow dog prints. Did you get it resent or is it older. I might need some of it.

  4. great blocks! love the spools
    That pie looks so lovely on the fancy Turkey plate - yum!

  5. Angie, I love your grannies...and I love your spools! And even that pecan pie looks wonderful!