New Orleans House Project

Saturday, November 10, 2012

In Which I Get Back to Quilting

Hey Neglected Blog!  
Nice to see you again - thanks for waiting patiently for me to return.

My usual quilting time has been occupied with furniture moving, home re-organization and entertaining good friends while playing tourist in my own hometown.  I guess if I was truly a dedicated blogger, I would have blogged about all those adventures.  But I'd rather blog about quilting...and all those other adventures wore me out!

Just for fun, I put the Cow Quilt on the guest bed.  And made some pillow shams with left-over cow blocks.  Bright and cheerful at the very least!

One of my antique sewing machines also found a new home in the guest room.  This one is a transverse shuttle German-made machine.  The machine is decorated with gold leaf and mother-of-pearl inlay - all still in beautiful condition.

Detail of the decoration on the machine bed - how could I not have a machine with an angel on it?!

I have been able to do some quilting over the past few weeks, and I look forward to sharing  those adventures with you.