New Orleans House Project

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Foolin' Around with Brown

The Rainbow Scrapsters have been challenged to use up their brown scraps this month.  I started out easy and grabbed some scrappy 2 inch strips (I'm a loyal follower of Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User System) for some quick brown 9-patches.
These were snapped outside this morning before the sun was really high in the sky;  even though I tweaked them in Pixelmator, the colors would've shown up better with more daylight.  I'll have to remember to photograph the rest of this month's brown blocks in brighter sunshine!

I've pretty much decided I won't be making any more Granny Squares and Greek Squares for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I think those two quilts will look better using just rainbow colors (and some varieties like pink and teal), so I'll be trying to move the blocks to the design wall for finishing inspiration soon.  

OK, technically it's a combination house and bar, but when you see an orange, ah...building,  it gets your attention!
Of course, it's hard to ignore inspiration when it strikes.  As I was driving home from work this week, I was waiting in line at a 4-way stop and as I looked out the car window I realized I was looking at an orange house.  Although orange was the Rainbow Scrap color for September, the little light bulb still went off in my head.  I immediately started thinking about a rainbow scrap quilt based on New Orleans house colors!  Thanks to Sheila, I already have some purple happy, scrappy houses in my collection, so adding more New Orleans inspired colors is a logical next step.

I'm going to go link up with the weekly Rainbow Scrap party over at SoScrappy's blog.  Lots of brownie goodness to be seen, so please do check it out.  After that I'll be prepping a project to keep my hands busy during the Florida-LSU game later this afternoon.  Nothing like a college football game to encourage hand sewing!  Unless the game is just too nerve-wracking, of course!


  1. What a great collection of brown nine patches. Hope your Granny and Greek squares are enough to turn into a quilt. Seeing everything start coming together at the end of the year is going to be a lot of fun. As for the orange house -- wow, what a sight that would be.

  2. Some lovely brown scraps in you nine patches :) What an unusual house... Love your little orange house. Must get mine done sometime.

  3. Your nine-patches are lovely. Who knew there were so many ways to do brown? Joanne

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Bonnie's Scrap User System - brilliant. Very nice brown nine-patches and love the little orange house.

  5. Good brown blocks, I have the fabrics in your top two blocks. As I look around today it is neat to see all the different brown shades.

  6. Very pretty browns in your blocks. Brown is one of those colors that I'm finding hard to photograph.

  7. Lovely brown blocks. Wow, I saw a purple house once but never an orange one.