New Orleans House Project

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grandmother's Choice: Alice's Flag

The block for week #7 of Barbara Brackman's BOW is Alice's Flag.  It is meant to commemorate the flag made by Alice Paul to track the states' ratification of the 19th Amendment.  Alice stitched a new star to her flag each time a state ratified the amendment.  At the time, 36 of 48 states were needed for ratification.  Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan were the first states to approve the amendment in 1919.  It took over a year for enough states to ratify the amendment into law; Tennessee was the deciding state in August, 1920.

In the interest of "git 'er done", I used fused my star using Heat 'n Bond Lite - friend to applique-ists everywhere.  Later today I'll use my fancy, modern sewing machine to blanket stitch around the edges of the star.  Now to choose fabrics for this week's block:  Rocky Road to Kansas.


  1. Love your fabrics and colors! That star fabric is so beautiful!

  2. i love that block! I would never have thought of using such a big print for the star, but I love it!