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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Purple Houses in the Crescent City

New Orleans and the color purple go together like needle and thread.  We've venerated purple for years as one of the colors of Mardi Gras, along with green and gold.  According to Mardi Gras lore, purple represents Justice.  Be that as it may, purple is near and dear to the hearts of New Orleanians.   So much so it is not unusual to find purple houses in our fair city!

This is a great example of what New Orleanians call "K & B" purple.  A now defunct local drugstore chain used a certain shade of purple to promote their stores.  The signage was purple, the cash registers were purple, their store brands featured purple and their employees wore purple!  We miss them, and proudly wear K & B purple T-shirts in their memory.

So, it didn't take a great leap of faith to follow Sheila's inspiration and make some scrappy purple house blocks.  Sheila pointed me to Bonnie Hunter's pattern and mentioned how easy and fun the blocks were to make.  After one block, I was smitten!

Before long I had 4 purple houses and was envisioning a wall hanging with purple swag borders! 

Although I'm way late on posting this week, do stop by Soscrappy's blog for more purple inspiration.  One week left for all the lovers of scrappy purple!


  1. I can see why you are smitten! Those purple houses are just adorable. The real one with the gingerbread trim is just too cute.

  2. Your blocks are adorable! And now I understand the importance of purple. Your purple banner has always intrigued I know!

  3. Oh Angie! I LOVE your happy little purple houses! A quilt of your purple houses would be awesome.
    Thank you for sharing the picture of the purple house in New Orleans. It's beautiful.

  4. I love all your purple houses! So cute.

  5. K & B's and your little purple houses are adorable, you are making purple really fun.

  6. LOVE! That house painted purple! and LOVE your little purple houses too :) You've done good this week. I've yet to produce!! Fingers crossed for the last Saturday!!

  7. Angie, Enjoying you blog so much - I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award.

  8. Love the little purple houses. Can't wait to see the wall hanging.

  9. I too love violet, whether flowers, scents, or colors. Yes, I even love that purple house!
    I also love the wonderful tatted doily beneath your purple houses. I'm wondering if you tatted it or collected it, or, which would be even better, inherited it. (Just found your blog from Connie Kresin's.)


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