New Orleans House Project

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Hearts - Complete!

I'm so tickled to have completed this UFO - it's been unfinished since 1997 or so!
I unearthed this project back in February and decided it needed finishing in honor of Valentine's Day.  I didn't quite make that deadline, but I persevered and put the last stitches in a few weeks ago.  I'm very pleased with the quilting design - simple but effective!
I outline quilted the hearts with red embroidery floss. supply of table setting props has dwindled over the years.  What I do have plenty of is dolls!  So, we have a Lady & the Tramp vignette - Bella Notte!


  1. Your little quilt is beautiful! Love the quilting and the use of red stitches!

  2. Love your little quilt and great job on the hand quilting and getting a finish!