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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Memory Quilt: version 3

I've been working on the third memory quilt made from my dad's shirts.  Versions 1 & 2 can be seen here.
I'm just kind of making this up as I go along.  My initial inspiration was to use half-square triangles to form square-in-a-square type blocks.  I also wanted to experiment with using a zig-zag border.  Since I already had lots of HSTs, I just played with those until I had a zig-zag I liked.  Of course, making it up as you go along sometimes creates design flaws...or are they planned design elements?
Can you see the flaw?
I have to make more HSTs for the bottom row.  Once I've got that laid out I'll decide if I can live with the, design element.

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