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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vegetable Dye Fabric: done marinating!

I started a new project that's been marinating in my stash for a few years.

The fabrics in this collection were hand-printed with woodblocks, using vegetable dyes.  The line was designed by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics in 2008.  I fell in love with the fabric line when I saw it at one of my local quilt stores and snatched up a FQ collection of the line assembled by the shop owner.  She had also started piecing a promotional pattern that was designed by Gail Kessler.  I wasn't crazy about that pattern and started looking for something that would really show off the fabric. 

By happy accident, I found a pattern on the All People Quilt website that was specifically inspired by the Vegetable Dye fabric collection.  

I can't say why it took me so long to get started on this quilt, but things are zipping along now.

I look forward to assembling the finished blocks!

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  1. Oh my goodness- the fabrci is gorgeous and I'm sure your quilt will be too.