New Orleans House Project

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Orange You Glad?

I have had the color orange in my mind's eye lately.  Maybe it's because of all the orange traffic cones and road construction signs that line my usual commuting route these days.  Maybe it's just the right time of year for Halloween orange: pumpkins, candy corn, a rising harvest moon.  Or maybe it's Madame Samm's Wantobe Quilter Campaign, with her mahh-velous orange theme!

All this orange craving gave me an excuse to pick out some new fabric, but I was rather surprised to find I've been stashing orange fabric all along!
New orange and stashed orange.  

I found a nice bunch of traditional cheddar oranges:

And some floral-type oranges:

Compared to the others, these are more of a salmon-orange:

My local quilt store had just received the Asian-inspired print below:
Dan Bennett Wild Garden "Bellflower", Rowan/Westminster Fabrics.

I'm thinking I might just need an orange accessory - the Bellflower print may be appearing here soon:

Margo handbag by Lazy Girl Designs