New Orleans House Project

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Antique Tiles Needs a Border

 My house has been in chaos for the past week as some much-needed updates and repairs are underway.  I still managed to find some time to sew, with an almost-complete flimsy to show for it.

 I took Cynthia's (wabi-sabi quilts) advice to try using white for the side and corner triangles.  I'm very pleased the results!  Thank goodness for the All-In-One Quilter's Reference Tool to keep me on track for the layout and cutting sizes.

The top currently measures about 60"x76".  I'd like to add a border to give it a little extra size and to help stabilize the edges.  I'm envisioning a narrow framing border followed by a wider white border.  I pulled a few fabrics from my stash to audition for the narrow border.


This stripe is my favorite, but I only have a scant half yard - maybe enough for a 1 1/2 inch border.

The colored dots look better in person than in the photo, but I think they get lost with all the strong colors in the blocks plus all the bright white.

I have plenty of this striped fabric, but I like it less because it has so much green.  It's probably what I'll end up using, unless some other fabric jumps out of the stash and insists on being used.  I have lots of fabrics that read as solids, so a calming blue or teal fabric might be a good choice.  I could even use that calming fabric for the binding.  Thoughts?


As I was assembling all those blocks and sashing strips and cornerstones, I needed a mindless leader-ender project to make the stitching easier.  My quilt guild friend Judy came to my aid, pointing out a great stash-buster project:  Twirling at the Disco.  She had already started assembling components for her own version of the quilt.

Last night she shared her version of the quilt at our guild meeting.   I love that she used green for her background fabric!