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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Antique Tiles Needs a Border

 My house has been in chaos for the past week as some much-needed updates and repairs are underway.  I still managed to find some time to sew, with an almost-complete flimsy to show for it.

 I took Cynthia's (wabi-sabi quilts) advice to try using white for the side and corner triangles.  I'm very pleased the results!  Thank goodness for the All-In-One Quilter's Reference Tool to keep me on track for the layout and cutting sizes.

The top currently measures about 60"x76".  I'd like to add a border to give it a little extra size and to help stabilize the edges.  I'm envisioning a narrow framing border followed by a wider white border.  I pulled a few fabrics from my stash to audition for the narrow border.


This stripe is my favorite, but I only have a scant half yard - maybe enough for a 1 1/2 inch border.

The colored dots look better in person than in the photo, but I think they get lost with all the strong colors in the blocks plus all the bright white.

I have plenty of this striped fabric, but I like it less because it has so much green.  It's probably what I'll end up using, unless some other fabric jumps out of the stash and insists on being used.  I have lots of fabrics that read as solids, so a calming blue or teal fabric might be a good choice.  I could even use that calming fabric for the binding.  Thoughts?


As I was assembling all those blocks and sashing strips and cornerstones, I needed a mindless leader-ender project to make the stitching easier.  My quilt guild friend Judy came to my aid, pointing out a great stash-buster project:  Twirling at the Disco.  She had already started assembling components for her own version of the quilt.

Last night she shared her version of the quilt at our guild meeting.   I love that she used green for her background fabric!  



  1. That's pretty Thank you for sharing

  2. Oh it's such a terrific quilt top! I'd be tempted to use one of the stripes as the binding! Your friend's quilt is so colorful, love the green background. It looks like a double or I guess triple Irish Chain but the piecing is different. It's such a good idea to do a leader ender project and I rarely get my act together to do that, lol.

  3. This is simply gorgeous! I am always in awe at your fabulous use of color! I must say, I love those dots too. Wish I had some to send. The stripe is nice as well and I'm sure it will look great when all together. I just love this quilt!!

  4. Oh your 'almost flimsy' is so pretty. I really like the first stripe too. Since I'm never that creative, I usually go with solid borders. Judy's quilt is a great leader-ender project.

  5. The stripes really accent the quilt blocks so beautifully. One of them would be my choice if I were choosing. It's a great quilt and I'm sure whatever you end up choosing will be perfect!

  6. I just hate it when I don’t have enough of the “perfect” fabric (that stripe!!), but, honestly, I’ve never not been able to find something that looks good anyway and I’m sure you will too! The quilt looks lovely so far!

  7. I can see why you might like that 1st stripe best, but I think any of the narrow border options would work. Best of luck on making your selection, Angie!