New Orleans House Project

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Devoted to UFOs

 Two UFOs have been clamoring for attention (again).

I have blogged several times about my good intentions to finish up these quilts, but somehow life and other quilt projects (dare I say Squirrels?!) seem to get in the way.

I've come to the conclusion that it's time to focus on these two projects exclusively from now until they are finished. 

I started the 4-block eagle quilt in 2015.  It was my first major hand appliqué project.  I finished the appliqué fairly quickly, but I procrastinated on starting the hand quilting until last year.  

The background quilting is complete, so now I need to quilt all four eagles, as well as the HSTs in the quilt border.  If I quilt a little bit every day, I'll get it done in no time, right?


The other unfinished project demanding attention is Gathered Harvest - a BOM I started in January, 2018.  

The quilt is made up of nine blocks, five of which are complete.  Now I need to make four of these flowery vine blocks - identical except for different fabric placements.  Yes, each block has twenty appliquéd berries/circles!

Since snapping the above picture this morning, I've finished prepping all the leaves, berries and bias strips.  I'm using the freezer paper and starch method to prep the appliqué shapes.  

Next up, a little fabric glue and lots of machine appliqué.  

If it weren't for those pesky oak leaves, I could probably knock out the four blocks pretty quickly.  Those oak leaves take a little more concentration than your typical appliqué leaves, although I'm getting quicker at prepping them.  By the time I finish all the blocks, I'll probably be able to do them with my eyes closed!



  1. Your eagle project is a reminder that there is something so special and beautiful about hand quilting! Well worth the time and I admire that you are doing that. Your appliqué is coming along - so much prep work!

  2. Oh, I admire those of you who do the hand appliqué. Two wonderful projects here. Good for you deciding to "focus and finish"!

  3. It is such a good feeling (relief?) to finally have these old projects in the finished column.

  4. Hit the publish button accidentally before finishing. Your two quilts are both beautiful and they'll be a joy to have them finished and ready for snuggling when the weather cools again.

  5. Yes, a little bit of hand quilting each day, and that lovely quilt will be finished. Good luck with the applique on the 2nd quilt. It just takes patience.

  6. Beautiful work. The other day I realized that I needed to start up another needle turn applique quilt. I can applique while watching a movie, but cross stitch requires a little more concentration! I call the ‘squirrels’ Unforeseen Requirements of which I hate! Things are getting quieter now, but oh so darn hot in South Texas and NO RAIN. Hugs

  7. Your hand quilting is gorgeous! And yes, a little every day and it will be done in no time. But then, I like to savor those hand quilting moments that come so seldom these days. Have fun! That applique is amazing. I truly do want to learn to machine applique. I love hand applique, but I know I could accomplish so much more if I learned to use my machine better. Can't wait to watch this one progress. Happy Day!

  8. Both of these quilts are awesome. Hand quilting will make those eagles soar. You'll have both done quick as a wink.

  9. great projects - love that eagle! pretty applique