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Friday, November 12, 2021

Gifty Inspiration Strikes

 I never seem to plan ahead when it comes to making gifty items - I just wait until inspiration strikes.

We are planning to see friends and family during the holiday season, and I'm happy to say that inspiration has struck!

I'm not sure all the items I've been stitching up will become gifts, but I'm sure they will eventually find new homes.  My quilt guild will have a "boutique" table at our show in April 2022, so some of the gifty goodies may wind up there.

I recently came across a couple pieces of this chocolate candy print in my stash - yummy scraps I was saving from a chocolate-themed quilt.  I decided they would work great as the focus fabric for a zipper bag or two.  I had all the necessary materials on hand, so it was easy to put my inspiration to work.
Two finished zipper bags!  The pattern is Svetlana Sotak's Essential Pouch.  The pattern includes measurements for different size bags, as well clear instructions with lots of pictures.  Fun and easy to make!
While I was making bags, I decided to try my hand at making a vinyl crossbody bag.  We will be attending a football game during the holidays, and American football stadiums require see-through handbags.  I made a see-through tote bag several years ago for this reason, but after using it, I thought a bag that was wearable at all times might be a better idea.
My inspiration was to make a zipper pouch with a shoulder strap.  The shoulder strap (currently inside the bag) is waiting for a slider buckle from Etsy.  Once I have the slider, the shoulder strap will be adjustable.
My next inspiration was to try this Moda pattern - Stripes and Three Stars Pillow - with Christmas fabrics.

This is the finished pillow top.  I'm not loving it. Maybe quilting will change my mind?  The pattern fits a 14" x 20" pillow form, which will have to be ordered through Amazon.  This is not a high priority for finishing right now.  On the other hand, I think a smaller version (with 4" stars) might just work.

Another pillow inspiration called to me, so I'm working on three versions of the Merry & Bright Cushion Cover by Amy Sinibaldi.

I made a school-themed version of the pillow for my youngest son last year, so I knew it was a quick and fun project. 

I've got the first pillow cover pieced and ready for embroidery.  All three of the pillows will be gifted to friends who are fans of the Dallas Cowboys football team.  The fabrics reflect the team colors and each embroidered message will reflect the recipient's favorite team cheer or saying.  

It's been good to have so much inspiration - now to have some timely finishes!



  1. You've been busy making cute things! The clear cross body bag is genius! That's cute to add the personal touch to the pillows with the embroidery:).

  2. Love the star pillow you made--thanks for the link to the pattern;D
    Hugs Julierose

  3. great zippered pouches! What a cute Christmas project.
    love that chocolate fabric. How fun

  4. So nice when inspiration/squirrel projects are small and sweet! I especially love those chocolate goody pouches.

  5. The solids/grunge you selected to go with your chocolate themed fabric works perfect in the zippered pouches. And I love the star pillow. Being a Philly fan, I can't comment on the last gift LOL!

  6. Oh my! You are an inspiration! I always say I am going to get a jump on gift giving before the holidays and then...

  7. Those are all awesome ideas and gifts. The zipper bags are so cute with the chocolate fabric and the vinyl bags will be perfect for events. Great ideas!

  8. LOVE where you are headed with the Dallas pillow and those bags are just darling!! For the Stripes and Three Stars Pillow... I could be totally off base, but do you have enough of the green fabric for a piped edging. I think that might help balance out the colors. Also, I'm wondering if that center Santa fabric might be what's throwing you off, Angie. It's got a LOT of white in it! I'm sure you will figure it out (or finish it whether you like it or not.)