New Orleans House Project

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Spring Scraps

Usually, it's quilts and fabric making the loudest clamor at my house.  This month however, other projects have crowded out the quilts.

Circa 1990s kitchen

For example, we've decided to go ahead with last year's plan to update our kitchen with new cabinets.  Turns out, during the pandemic everyone decided to update their kitchen and now there's a looong wait time for supplies and contractors.  We're going to proceed, but with the understanding this project may not come to fruition quickly.  Hmm, sounds like the quilt-making process!

Louisiana Iris in bloom

Then there's gardening.  The unusual hard freeze in February damaged some of our landscaping, so there was that to deal with.  Plus, in our neck of the woods it's now time for planting veggies, so we've been busy with that as well.

Best of all - socializing!!  Good friends and former neighbors from Florida drove over for a long weekend.  We've all been vaccinated and passed the immunity waiting period, so it was a joy to have guests in our home!  Next up:  my mom just got her second vaccine, so a trip to visit her is on the horizon.

I did manage to spend some quality time working on quilts this week, and it was lovely!  I focused on catching up with some Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.

I've been trying to finish this quilt featuring bright prints in rainbow colors.  My original plan was to use random print setting squares at the intersecting sashing points.  However, after getting all the blocks pinned to the design wall I decided they needed something to pull them all together.  I found a dark teal Moda Grunge fabric in my stash that makes a great setting square.  I needed to order more of the fabric online, so while waiting I assembled all the rows.  

One of my year-long projects for 2021 is making Sugar Loaf blocks following the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color order.  Yellow was February's color. 

Yellow Sugar Loaf block #2.  The pattern for these blocks is from American Patchwork & Quilting, October 2015.

And some Easy Peasy Breezy blocks made with 2 inch scraps.

Moving on to green, the March Rainbow Scrap Challenge color.  This pattern uses strip piecing and it's been a challenge to find scrappy chunks and fat quarters to meet the fabric requirements.  Strips need to be at least 20 inches long, so that rules out lots of scrappy bits.

I was determined to use that shamrock fabric in one of the green Sugar Loaf blocks; this is what happened!

More Easy Breezy blocks.  

I'm ready for the April RSC color.  Bring it on!


  1. great to catch up with your rainbow blocks! Wow really awesome!
    I love your built in ovens in brick. We had one in the 1970s.
    Beautiful flower,love that blue.
    I'm so happy you are vaccinated and free to socialize! woo hoo

  2. You always do such a great job on your rainbow blocks. It's amazing how many folks are doing remodeling. We've been working on an unfinished room in the basement. It is a uplifting feeling to be able to socialize with family and friends.

  3. Wow, your RSC blocks are lovely! That’s going to be a large quilt! (Good thing you have a great quilter to turn to, LOL). Those Sugar Loaf blocks are so interesting. They’re beyond my sill level, but just like your pink and green hexie flamingos (yeah, I’ll probably never stop babbling about them), they’ll be fun to watch develop!

  4. Oh those rainbow blocks are so beautiful. They just make me smile! So happy to hear you were able to spend time with friends.

  5. Your Sugar Loaf blocks are amazing! They look great in both colors. Can't wait to see what April's will look like.

  6. I love your rainbow blocks - they are looking so great, so cheerful! Ahhhh good luck being patient as you await new cabinets. Your kitchen looks inviting. So glad about your increasing ability to be social (and hurray for vaccinations!).

  7. So many good blocks and projects! Love them...very big blocks for RSC! My trees take about an hour each but since I get tired of paper piecing, I like doing one a month!

  8. I am amazed each time you post! I love the blocks on the Design wall. You have an amazing eye for color and color combo's. Hang in there on the remodeling it will come! Hugs