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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Some Rainbow Scrap Challenge Finishes

I've put the finishing touches on several Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilts recently, but did not take the time to photograph all the results.  Since we spent the long Independence Day holiday at our camp last weekend, I packed up my finished quilts so I could hang them from the balcony for photos.

I started making the 9-patch variation blocks in 2015 and put the finishing stitches in the quilt late last year.  
Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads Quilting did the long-arm quilting for me - lots of swirls to counteract all the squares and angles on the front of the quilt!  
The handprint backing fabric has been hanging around in my stash for 20 years, at least.  This seemed like a great project to use it up!  I also shopped in my stash for the binding fabric - a purple cross-hatch fabric that worked perfectly.

Another long-running Rainbow Scrap Challenge project is this sampler quilt.  Our RSC leader, Angela Feldbush, shared block instructions every week throughout 2014, resulting in lots of scrappy sampler quilts.
My finished sampler top languished in the "Needs Quilting" pile for a couple years, until I had the great idea to ask Diane Knott to long-arm quilt it for me.
I spent some binge-watching TV time hand-stitching the binding last week so I could add this quilt to the Finished pile.
I was being optimistic when I put the finished date on my label!

Windblown Wishes was a more recent Rainbow Scrap Challenge project.  My inspiration was the Windblown Wishes quilt in Diane Knott's Scrap Quilt Secrets book.  I used a different border treatment than Diane's pattern, but I think it worked out well for the RSC format.
Of course I had to ask Diane to quilt this project!  Even the quilting reflects the "windblown" idea!
I used some leftover binding fabric to make a frame for the quilt label.  

So the UFO pile has shrunk a little, but there are still plenty of projects waiting for their finishing touches.  If I can tear myself way from non-stop weather coverage on television, I might actually do some sewing today.  And since our power is still on, I'm going to go look at more Rainbow Scrap Challenge inspiration at Angela's Soscrappy blog.

(FYI, we're still waiting for Tropical Storm Barry to make his presence felt in the New Orleans area.  Forget about the sensational coverage on the Weather Channel.  We've had minimal rain, minimal wind, and little storm surge.  Conditions are a little worse closer to the coast, but still not life-threatening.)


  1. has that handprint fabric been around that long? I still have some!! Great finishes for sure, and I quite like your labels done that way. LeeAnna

  2. What gorgeous quilts, Angie!! You have been busy!! Glad to hear you are out of
    harm's way--the reporters here are stating dire events are to happen...hopefully
    they are exaggerating (as usual)...but it does make you worry...
    Stay safe hugs Julierose

  3. Well, first of all, I guess that after yesterday’s post, I’ll stop worrying about you. You’re still in my thoughts and I hope you don’t lose power, however! Your finishes are (as always), beautiful!! The quilts and colors are just so fresh-looking and happy. Of course our dear Diane did an amazing job on the quilting, too!! And I’m so impressed with your labels. I’ve got to start labeling my quilts. Outside of a couple here and there, I never feel as though they’re “worthy”. Have a safe and productive weekend!

  4. Such beautiful finishes, Angie! I love all that rainbow color, and great blocks, too. Glad to hear you're doing okay in spite of the hurricane predictions!

  5. Beautiful quilts and love the labels. So glad you have power so you can putter around with some sewing today.

  6. Absolutely beautiful quilts Angie! I love the Windblown Wishes quilt!

  7. Wow! Congrats on all those finishes! Looks like you've been somewhere over the rainbow. Love them all. Can't even pick a fav.

  8. Love your quilts. And I made a quilt - probably close to 20 years ago - using that hand print fabric as the border. I made scrappy blocks for the quilt centre using fabrics that coordinated with those in the hand print fabric. And yes, I still have some scraps of it left over in my stash!

    It probably sounds silly, but I love recognising older fabrics that I've used or have in my stash in the photos that people post of their blogs.

    Sydney, Australia

  9. Beautiful quilts. And top job getting them finished, a great sense of achievement I'm sure.

  10. SEW glad that the storm was downgraded! Thank you for sharing your recent RSC finishes. They are fabulous!

  11. Beautiful quilts! I love the colorful rainbow scrappy challenge quilts finished Up every year.

  12. Oh Angie, what a delightful surprise for me this morning to see all of your gorgeous quilts again! I enjoyed quilting them SO much. Your labels are very nice as well. I appreciate be included. It feels so good to check some things off the list doesn't it? It's time for me to tackle the UFO situation around here as well. Thanks for the motivation!
    PS I hope Drunk Uncle Barry didn't overstay his welcome. I hope you are still safe and dry!

  13. So glad that Barry is a non-story. ❤️ luv how your sampler quilt turned out! Always exciting to see finished RSC quilts.

  14. Fabulous scrappy finishes! Congratulations on wonderful colourful happy quilts!

  15. Great quilts! Hope you are still safe, and have electricity.

  16. What lovely finishes! This being my first year as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilter, it's very inspiring to see what can be done when you stick to it.

  17. Great finishes! I, too, am glad the storm did not end up being severe!

  18. Wow, these are all great! There's something so satisfying in that rainbow configuration! The sampler is amazing but I like the nine patch variation just as much.