New Orleans House Project

Friday, July 12, 2019

Drunk Uncle Barry or the "Half-i-cane"

Once again, the Louisiana coast is bracing for stormy weather.  This time, it's a weird system that started in Georgia, found its way to the Gulf of Mexico, and is now only half a hurricane (tropical storm, really), but threatening all kinds of havoc in the state.  

Of course, the national media have been breathlessly reporting on the potential, dire impacts on New Orleans.  To be honest, we had a flooding rain event on Wednesday, but that was nothing all that unusual, and not specifically related to the storm.  

I was amused to see the City of New Orleans official Twitter feed take the Washington Post to task for "fake news"!

We are not fleeing the city.  Like most of our friends and neighbors, we've taken precautions and prepped for the storm.  We will probably experience heavy rain, but our neighborhood is not flood-prone, and our house is elevated an additional 3 - 4 feet above street level.  Drunk Uncle Barry may become a full-fledged hurricane right before landfall, but the winds reaching us will not be all that forceful.  There will also be storm surge pushing water up our rivers and lakes, but the city is protected by levees to help mitigate that water.  Yes, we're collectively nervous about the levees holding back water (failed levees caused the massive flooding after Hurricane Katrina), but there have been serious upgrades to the system in the last 14 years.  

Hopefully, the worst that will happen is a power failure.  I can still use one of my people-powered sewing machines if that happens, but it's pretty miserable to be without air conditioning in New Orleans in July!

In other news, we spent a wonderful July 4th weekend at our camp, and I was able to take full-length pictures of some recent quilt finishes.  I'm going to be optimistic and save those for tomorrow's Rainbow Scrap Challenge link-up.  


  1. Hopefully the rains are not as heavy and the levee system holds..... and the power stays on!

  2. Stay safe. Hope you only sew on the people powered machines because you WANT to, not because you need to. My hand crank is my most used machine.

  3. Thanks for your reassuring post. My son lives in New Orleans and we always try to filter out what's real from what's just media hype. He has said that yes, there are potential flooding issues, but like others who live there, they are in preparation mode. My wish is for safety for you and all the others in the path of this storm.

  4. Taking precautions is wise thinking. But hearing your situation we all know you'll ride out another storm just fine.

  5. I hope you made it through another one.
    prep is key, but losing power is always a bummer, said the woman who lost it for 10 days after Sandy....