New Orleans House Project

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Taking a Dip in the Yellow Scraps

It's a new month and a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  This time we'll be using up some yellow scraps, but it appears my stash of yellow scraps and chunks is pretty slim.  I've completed my planned blocks for the month, so I'll just be fishing around for a few additional yellows to make the remaining Tiny Tuesday blocks for the month.

I already have enough Burgoyne Surrounded blocks featuring yellow fabrics, so I won't be making any of those this month.

I needed two additional Sugar Bowl blocks for my planned quilt. 

They joined up with the previous yellow Sugar Bowls.  Only six more rainbow colors to go before I'll have all the blocks I need.

Two-inch strips and squares teamed up to make some 4-patch blocks.

They'll go in the stash of 4-patch blocks from previous RSC stitching.  There are no actual plans for these yet, but eventually inspiration will strike.

I'm still keeping up with the Tiny Tuesday blocks - it's kinda fun to look forward to stitching a new block every Tuesday evening!  Since I had used up a bunch of two inch scraps on 4-patch blocks, I had to dig into the gold scraps for one of my TT blocks.  

I may be low on yellow scraps, but plenty of other RSC quilters will have scrappy yellows to share.  Check them out at our weekly RSC link-up!


  1. I love your sugar bowl blocks! Looking forward to seeing what you do with them! I bet those 4 patches will come in handy somewhere along the line.

  2. Great scrappy yellow blocks (even if you are low on scraps!)

  3. You may be running low on YELLOW scraps, but it seems like you still have a nice variety in your blocks!

  4. Lovely yellows with great variety!

  5. How lovely to see all those lovely yellows. It seems to be a color that we don't buy much of, but it sure looks great in a quilt.

  6. Nice dip into the yellow Sugar Bowls!

  7. Great job for someone with limited yellow scraps! Yellow is my favorite color, so if you ever need more yellow scraps just let me know!!

  8. Those are some happy yellow blocks. The baskets are perfect!