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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hospital Sketches: Periwinkle Wreath

So...Barbara Brackman is doing another BOM on her Civil War Quilts blog.  

The theme for this BOM is Hospital Sketches - looking at the roles of women in Civil War hospitals.  

I knew I would be participating, because - historical appliqué patterns AND a hospital setting!  

I don't think I've really talked about my profession on the blog.  Yup, I'm a nurse, and I originally trained at an old-fashioned hospital-based nursing school about 100 years ago.  That's my graduation picture - we had finally given up wearing starched white pinafores and graduated to more modern nurses' uniforms.

While I waited for the first BOM block to be published, I debated over what type of fabrics to use.  My love for blue and white quilts was my final inspiration, because I've never done a blue and white appliqué quilt.
I assembled a basket full of potential fabrics, some of which were leftovers from other projects and some new and uncut fat quarters.  I also decided to keep my background fabric fairly simple and purchased yardage in a cross-weave type off-white fabric.

The first block, Periwinkle Wreath, was a tribute to Louisa May Alcott, who served in a Union hospital during the war.  I won't give away her story, because you should hop over and read it!

As much as I'd like to be doing hand-stitched appliqué, I knew I'd NEVER finish the blocks in a timely fashion.  I used freezer paper and starch to prep the shapes, and machine appliqué using invisible thread to stitch them in place.  Yippee for finishing!

FYI, if you have a Facebook account, there is a Facebook group for the BOM if you want to see all the different blocks.


  1. Love your block in BLUE! So pretty. I clicked over and read about it...... might have to save it off for later in the year. Thanks.

  2. Blue and white quilts are one of my favorites! Your periwinkle wreath is really pretty. This is going to be a fun BOM to watch.

  3. Well, of course I love your block because it's blue--lol! Seriously it looks lovely--this is going to be a fun sew along!

  4. Angie, do you wear scrubs? If so, maybe you can cut some pieces from them to use in this project. I know your quilt will be awesome as usual!
    Cookie in Mandeville

  5. Love seeing where your blocks will be heading. Blue and white will be a beautiful combination to work with. Loved seeing your nursing picture. I'm sure the scrubs that nurses wear today is much more comfortable, but there's something about seeing a nurse in the official uniform...:0)

  6. Love your blue floral block. My son is in nursing school. We loved seeing your graduation photo! He wears scrubs but still white socks and shoes - mandatory lol

  7. You are the poster girl for beautiful blue blocks and quilts! Periwinkle Wreath is stunning. It’s going to be fun watching your blocks for this BOM!

  8. Oh this is simply gorgeous! Your machine applique is flawless. And I am not the least bit surprised at your profession. I would have guessed by your award winning smile and kind comments that you must be a nurse! I applaud you! I believe good teachers and nurses are saints!

  9. What beautiful applique work you do!! Enjoy your quilt along, Nurse Angie.

  10. I didn't know you were a nurse. Great field to be in. I've been reading all the posts about this BOM, but don't have time to participate.