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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Rainbow Scrappin' into 2019

It's been a great, scrappy Saturday!  I stitched together some blocks, made some plans for the coming year, and did some machine quilting on mini quilts that have languished too long.

Another year of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is underway.  Angela, of SoScrappy, provides the rainbow inspiration and a venue to share our projects with others.  It's a great way to use up scraps, and get to know other scrappy-minded quilters.

My RSC goals for this year involve finishing some projects that were inspired in earlier RSC years.  High on my list of things to complete are the remaining blocks for my Burgoyne Surrounded quilt.  After today, I only need ten more blocks!

Today's Burgoyne Surrounded block, brought to you by the color red - the RSC color for January.

Today's red block and last month's red, Christmas-y block will round out my red BS blocks for now.

Burgoynes playing together.  There will also be nine-patch cornerstone blocks and sashing.  Eventually.

These Sugar Bowl blocks from 2015 were my planning project today.  I've struggled with how I want to use the blocks in a quilt, but I think I've found my solution.  My plan requires 16 more Sugar Bowl blocks and some type of pieced or appliquéd center.  More to follow.

Lastly, as I've been digging around and organizing piles of stuff in my sewing room, I've come across all number of small, unfinished quilt tops.  These babies are from 2013, and were inspired by an RSC color of the month.  The scraps are from my yummy Chocolate Quilt.  These tops were already layered with backing and batting, so all I had to do was quilt them.  I finished the pink one earlier in the week and quilted the red one today.  Now I just have to stitch the binding down and I'll have two more UFOs I can scratch off the list!

For more scrappy inspiration, check out the link-up at Angela's blog.  Enjoy your stitching - especially this coming week - I think we're all going to need some fabric therapy!


  1. Fabric therapy is the best kind! Nice finishes. And I love your Burgoyne surrounded blocks.

  2. Beautiful colourful RSC projects! Love the Burgoyne blocks!

  3. I especially like the Burgoyne blocks!

    1. Thanks, Jeanne! The Burgoyne blocks are very satisfying, as they involve playing with different fabric combinations and careful piecing!

  4. All of your RSC blocks are fabulous. Have you done the challenge year? You must have an extensive stash to have every color under the rainbow. Glad you were able to finish the two minis. They're sweet and better yet, done!

  5. You had a lovely and productive Saturday. The Burgoyne quilt will be a beauty!

  6. Lovely new BS block added to last year's selection. Kudos for digging deeper in the RSC projects! What will you do you your freshly completed RED mini quilts?

  7. Your Burgoyne blocks are looking great! I love the swirly background fabric of the red one. Glad you've figured out a use for the Sugar Bowl blocks, too - they are a pretty rainbow of color!

  8. I’m glad you’re getting back to the Burgoyne blocks. Yours are so lovely and I get a vicarious thrill when you finish one. What size are those red quilts? They’re rather yummy too!

  9. You do so very well on color! I love the BS quilt blocks and the candy quilts are so cute!

  10. Yay for finishing UFO's! I am so tempted to join the Burgoyne Surrounded blocks. I have wanted to make those for so long! Thanks again for sharing your, I love your colors!

  11. Those Burgoyne Surrounded blocks are sensational! I like this pattern, but you usually see it in one or two colors. This quilt is really going to sing! And congratulations on having two little chocolate quilts just in time for Valentine's Day!

  12. Love your Burgoyne Blocks...It's going to be such a beautiful finish!!

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  14. I love that Burgoyne Surrounded pattern and yours is so special in that rainbow of colors!