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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 UFO Goals

For the past two years, I've created a quilting focus list to help me remember which projects need attention in the coming year.  The list is not about new projects I want to try, just unfinished projects that have accumulated.  Some of the unfinished projects have been languishing for years, others are more recent.  It's been a successful plan - as long as I don't get too distracted by new projects!

This year I'm planning to join in with 17 UFOs in 2017, sponsored by Meredithe at pomegranate and chintz.  The goal is to make substantial progress on at least 17 UFOs.  The UFOs don't have to be quilting-related.  Meredithe mentioned knitting and crochet, but I imagine any hand-work project would count.  There will be a monthly linky party for everyone to share their progress.  Finishing projects is not required, but is a happy side effect, if achieved.

My list has quilts in various states of UFO-ism.  Some only lack binding, others need design planning as well as assembly.  I even have a knitting project that needs to get off the needles.  I may add or remove projects as things evolve - I have plenty of UFOs that need attention.

1. Purple and gold string quilt - complete binding & label
2. Austen Family Album straight set - binding & label
3. Repro Scrap Jar Star - binding & label
4. Chocolate TOBE - binding & label
5. Carpenter's Wheel - binding & label

   6. Red, White & Blue Scrappy - complete piecing 
                                               7. Maverick Star Scrappy - complete flimsy
8. Origami Bow Tie - fuse applique' border design and do machine blanket stitch
9. New Orleans Houses - add wonky borders (RSC project?)
10. Blue Sawtooth Stars & Uneven 9-patch - assemble blocks
11. Fun w/Barb 9-Patch swap blocks -  assemble blocks (Tanganoxie 9-patch setting)
12. Grandmother's Choice BOW - plan block arrangement, acquire fabrics PRN, begin block assembly
13. Quilty 365 - start assembling blocks

14. Mark, baste & hand quilt 4 block eagle quilt

  15. Fig Tree Feed Sack bag(s) - make at least 1 size 

 16. Finish knitting Nae shawl

17. String stars made w/Dad's shirts and novelty fabric - keep making blocks during weekends at the camp.  I don't have any pictures of ~my~ string blocks, so I'm using a picture of the pattern - Spring Clean Quilt by Brioni Greenberg - to give you an idea of what's in progress.  

Focusing on 17 UFOs sounds a little intimidating, but many of these projects just need a little work to get them to the completed stage.  Others will require more intensive attention, but that's OK, as long as they get at least a little TLC this year!  I look forward to blogging about each individual project during the coming year.  

I'll be adding my list to the 17 UFOs in 2017 linky party as soon as it's published.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects and progress.


  1. Best of luck attacking your UFO list!!!

  2. Wow - so many projects with just binding and a label needed. I am very jealous! So fun to revisit some of these UFO's and I look forward to seeing all the progress. So glad you joined in the fun.

  3. Your projects are beautiful. Happy finishing for 2017. I did a WIP (UFO) count for 2017. I came up with 85. I could join in five times. LOL. I'm just going to try to finish one at a time and keep moving them forward. Have a great 2017. I'll be following along. Looking forward to some beautiful finishes from both of us.

  4. Lots of lovely projects here ...I had a chuckle at the just needed binding list. Binding is something I don't like to do ...
    That eagle still my heart :)

  5. I am working on my 2017 studio game plan -- you have yours well in hand. Good luck!!!

  6. 2017 is my year to dig out and complete UFOs. Maybe I'll consider this kinky party to keep me focused. 17 is intimidating but Any progress is better than none. Good luck to you, Angie, on your efforts.

  7. You and I are going to be rollin' along. You have some beautiful quilts that you'll be working on. Adding some easy finishes is the key for me. Have fun!

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your UFOs!

  9. You realize that now my next year's UFO plan will include 17 new UFOs...
    What a lot of gorgeousness you've got in progress here! Good luck!

  10. Wow, this is quite a goal! It does sound intriguing. I'm not sure which 17 I would choose to finish, but I may give it a try. I know you will do it. You are a powerhouse!

  11. Some fabulous projects there. Looks like a lot just need that binding on, which is a snack. Good luck with your goals.

  12. Lovely lovely projects to work on Angie, I can see you will be burning the midnight oil like me LOL. I started my first UFO on New Years day and all ready have come unstuck as I can not find the rest of my last border strips to finish the quilt top????? Murphy's Law has struck me!!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on each of your challenges. Cheers Glenda

  13. You've got some great projects on your list. I agree that any progress is good, even if you don't get to a complete finish. Good luck with your ambitions for 2017.

  14. A great list, and I see quite a few just need binding and labelling - looks like you'll get a few finishes! Thanks for joining in.

  15. so many wonderful projects! Glad you are joining the challenge :)

  16. Ooh, I look forward to seeing the houses again!

  17. That's the spirit - 3 weeks of moving each of these beauties along. I think those first five would be the ones I'd tackle at the beginning just to make me feel good that they are done.

  18. You have lots of cool projects--should be a fun year ahead!

  19. good luck - lots of wonderful projects to finish. Why is finishing so much harder than starting?