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Friday, December 30, 2016

Last Vintage Montage of 2016

I find most types of traditional shopping tedious:  groceries, clothes, shoes, home decor - all boring!
 On the other hand, antique malls, flea markets, thrift stores, estate sales...and fabric stores - I'm in shopping heaven!  Dear Husband and I enjoy the hunt for treasures in all these places (he's not crazy about fabric stores - probably just as well!) and have had some good finds lately.
This log cabin cream and sugar set in cobalt blue glass caught our eye in an antique mall near my mom's house in Florida. 

More cobalt blue glass - a calf on a lidded dish.

Vintage sewing items always catch my eye.  The needle packages are from an estate sale.  The Clover sewing tin was an unexpected surprise.  Clover makes all kinds of sewing, knitting and crochet notions, but their modernist take on design made me think the company was a twenty-first century production.

Apparently not - as the interior of the sewing kit is definitely mid-century modern!  That sassy, sewing cat is a hoot!

Also tucked into the sewing kit was this store guide to a Japanese department store.  It's a little surprising the guide is in English - were Westerners common visitors to Japan in the 1950s?  Was the kit purchased by an American visiting Japan at that time?   

Lots of vintage linens have come home with me in the past few weeks.  These Scotties are my favorite!

I found this fabulous sewing machine cabinet and chair at an estate sale in my own back yard!

The sewing machine is one I've had for a number of years.  It's a Model 201k from the 1950s.  Unlike the traditional black cast iron models, this one is made of aluminum, so it's not quite as heavy.  It still sews like a dream and can sew through just about anything.  I look forward to using this machine on a regular basis now that it has a permanent cabinet!   



  1. What great finds. I was gifted with a 3/4 size machine in November, and I found a Singer 401 with some cams, earlier this week. I won't get a chance to play with them until almost Feb.

  2. I'm with you on the thrill of thrift, antique, and salvage shopping!! Throw in my favorite consignment shop and I'm in heaven.

  3. You found some fun treasures--the Clover cat tin is a special find for sure!

  4. great vintage things! I adore the cabin cream and sugar set! neat.
    I love love treasure hunting too.

  5. It's fun to go on a treasure hunt especially when you find some good things like you did. The Clover sewing tin looks like a very cool find.