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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Quilty the Crescent

My blogging buddy Audrey has started a new project and I find myself unable to resist the temptation to join in.  She is making a fabric journal of sorts, picking different fabrics every day and appliqueing circles of each fabric choice.  She recommends choosing fabric each day based on mood, whim, availability of scraps - whatever!  The only "rule" is not to work ahead.

I like the idea of a small, daily project.  I know I won't be able to applique a circle every day, but I can choose the fabric and maybe do the prep work.  I know this project won't do anything to decrease my stash, but it will be fun to have an excuse to fondle fabric every day!

I made my first two blocks using back basting to prep the circles.  I found the process to be too slow for daily use, so resorted to templates and starch to prep the circles.  I found the top of a 3" Yankee Candles small tumbler candle was the perfect size template.  I could use Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles templates, but I figured they would not hold up to such intense use.  I'm going to use plain cardstock for now and see how it goes. 

I haven't stitched today's circle, but I picked this fabric to reflect my mood and because it's been in the stash since 2001 and never been cut.  It's one of those blue fabrics that just doesn't play well with others, but is still a charming fabric that needs to be used (it's more blue than the picture reflects).

Here are my other blocks to date.  My camera is still on the disabled list.  I need to get it back in operation, 'cuz the cell phone just doesn't take great pictures.  Hope to check in next week with lots more blocks!


  1. So much fun. I was thinking of joining in with multi sized circles. Keeping up everyday might be a challenge though.

  2. I was tempted to do this / have not thus far but it is fun to see those who are starting :)

  3. This looks like fun but I don't need another project.

  4. Oh--lovely circles you've made...isn't this project fun! hugs, Julierose

  5. Your circles turned out perfectly ... and so pretty!

  6. Such a fun idea... I am trying to resist... we shall see how long the self discipline holds ;)

  7. This looks like such fun!
    I'm teetering on the brink...

  8. Yay! Love to be such a bad influence.:) I like that you've used a piece of an older 'more difficult' fabric. That's exactly why I didn't want to exempt fabrics from my stash. Some fabrics are begging to be used, but the project just hasn't happened yet!

  9. I can attest that this is a fun project to make one a day for a year. I did this a few years ago with my SweetHeart quilt. One heart on a 4" square every day for a year. Every time I look at that quilt I can remember some of the significant events that year. Enjoy!!!!

  10. Great plan, using fabrics that have been hanging around for way too long! Our quilts may just become a reference point for all the fabrics in our stashes, and that can be a good thing!

  11. Oh you are off to a fun start! I'm joining in too and looking forward to getting set up today:)

  12. Hi there,
    East Yorkshire UK here and I am coming ate to Audreys circles. I'm rarely on schedule for tasks I set myself, although on the button with work things, odd that!
    I'm using my stash of scraps and may well keep to neutral backgrounds but think I will throw in some curve ball squares too.
    Not exactly planning ahead, but wont be able to make one every day and actually don't fancy placing each days in sequence?
    Mind you I will number them so can decide on layout later.
    I'm following you by email and several of the others taking part too. Will be really interesting to watch what takes place aongst everyone.