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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Circling the Log Cabins

Although I may not have lots of stitching time in December, I do have some slow stitching projects to turn to keep my hands occupied and sanity intact!

It's been over a year since my Dear Husband asked me to make him a Log Cabin quilt.  He had never asked for a quilt before, so of course I had to make it for him!  He chose the color scheme and block size; I laid everything out in the barn-raising pattern and found a backing fabric with log cabins.  My LAQ did a fantastic job adding pine cones, pine boughs, acorns and oak leaves.  Now I just need to stitch down the binding.  It may take all winter, as the quilt wound up being 90" x 90"!

When I need break from hand stitching the binding, I can work on making Quilty 365 circles.   
These two are from the last couple of days; prepped and ready to stitch. looks like I might need to tweak the blue one a little!
Sometimes I pick fabric for the color & pattern, sometimes for the subject matter.
Some circles are cut from favorite, hoarded fabrics.  And yup, I decided to vary my background color just a little. <g>
Have I mentioned I love toile fabrics?  I expect there will be lots of toile in my final quilt.
I didn't have an turkey fabrics in my stash, but I found this great Riley Blake print that seemed appropriate for Thanksgiving's block!

And now I'm off to my comfy chair for some hand stitching.  When my wrist needs a break, I'll be perusing all the other projects being lovingly hand-stitched at the Slow Sunday Stitching link-up.


  1. Very pretty log cabin quilt or should I say handsome quilt. I like your fabrics for 365 blocks. I am sure you are having fun with them.

  2. I look forward to seeing your hubby's log cabin quilt all spring? LOL, that is a huge quilt.

    The Thanksgiving circle is quite appropriate.

  3. Love your toile circle, a source of so many nice subjects. Also the pheasants are so real looking. You are right on track with all your projects. Good going. You have one very lucky husband!

  4. Love your quilt for your husband. Your Quilty 365 blocks are beautiful. Might have to try those along with RSC16. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Linda "Cookie"
    Mandeville, LA

  5. The silverware fabric is perfect for Thanksgiving! Eating is what we do the entire weekend.:) Your binding will probably come together faster than you think. It's so mindless when you get going!