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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Civil War Tribute Blocks 5 & 6

I diligently pushed myself to complete blocks 5 & 6 of the Civil War Tribute quilt.  Since this was a 12 month BOM, it would sound like I'm halfway finished.  That's only partly true - I've finished 6 months' worth of blocks, but since each month call for multiple blocks, I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet!
Next up - Month 7.  See that little note in the bottom right corner of the picture?  Make EIGHT 12" blocks!  I'm going to contemplate that instruction for awhile.  

As I've mentioned before, this quilt finishes at 110" x 112".  That would easily fit on our bed, but since our pets think the bed is their territory too, I won't be putting this quilt on the bed!  The finished size is too big for a hanging, even if partially folded.

So, I've decided to jump ahead to Month 11:  the 36" square center block.  Once I have the center block made, I can decide how many additional blocks I want to make for a more reasonable sized quilt.  Or maybe two reasonable sized quilts!

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  1. Love the fabrics! How about a bed quilt and then a wall hanging to coordinate using that 36 center square? Have fun.