New Orleans House Project

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Yet Another Painting Project

I feel like I could be writing an essay on "How I Spent My Summer Vacation", as I keep talking about DIY projects that afflicted me this summer!

This little cabinet was another piece of furniture that came with our camp.  When I decided to repaint the shelving unit white, I thought this guy needed a little bit of color.  He had already been painted once in his life, the gray-green beige you see in the "before" picture above.  This picture was taken around the time we bought our camp; since then the cabinet had become our bar.

Originally, I wanted to use a shade of blue slightly darker than the walls.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a color that worked.  Instead, I went with a pale yellow.  The beige paint had not been well applied and was peeling, so I wound up doing some stripping and sanding before the new paint could be applied.

I also sanded down the top and re-stained it, then added a topcoat of polyurethane mixed with tung oil.  The dots you see in the picture are just reflexions.  Like my shabby-chic silver (plate) tray?  Five bucks at the local antique mall!

Here's the final happy shot, with all the bar-keeping accoutrements returned to their usual places.  I'm really pleased with how this turned out, but I think McKenzie is pretty bored by it all!


  1. Turned out great! I have a table to paint soon -thanks for some inspiration!

  2. That table looks great there. Blue and yellow is a great color combo.