New Orleans House Project

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inspired by Red

I have been having lots of fun playing with red scraps this week.  The thing that strikes me the most about my red fabric stash (scraps and yardage) is how well-aged most of my red fabric is!  It makes me wonder if good old-fashioned red is being pushed aside for the current "modern" colors like aqua, pink, yellow and gray?  

All my red fabrics were clamoring to get made into something scrappy - red and white four patch variation, nine patch variation - something!  Alas, that will have to wait for next year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Lots of scrappy pieces were stitched into leader-ender spools.  I find I'm about burned out on this pattern, but I will probably continue making them until the end of the year, depending on what Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors still await us.

I also put together a new sunglass case, as my son's dog (we're dog-sitting) ate the previous one.
I was able to salvage the metal spring closure bars from the damaged eyeglass case.  I studied the damaged case and realized I could easily recreate a new version.  

The red Asian print fabric was already out on the cutting table from building red scrappy houses, so I just sliced off a few more pieces for the new project.  I was pretty pleased with the results AND I used up some more red fabric!

This week's happy, scrappy house is inspired by a Greek  Revival home on St. Charles Avenue.  
Long ago, when I was young and single, my landlady lived in this house.  I never got to see the inside of it, but it's still there, as dignified-looking as ever.
This is where I lived.  Haha - just a small apartment, downstairs on the right.  When I lived there it was obvious this had once been a single family home, but it was broken up into apartments somewhere along the way.  About 20 years ago, the home was returned to its original use as a single family home.  I'd love to see the inside now and compare it with my memories of apartment days!

As per usual on Saturday, I'm linking up with the other Rainbow Scrappers over at Angela's blog.  Do make a visit there for more red-inspired scrappiness!


  1. I don't think red will ever truly go out of style, but I have noticed it's harder to get good red prints right now.

  2. I enjoy playing with red this time of year - apples and changing tree colors remind me of home. I'll always have some red in the stash... it seems to be the little lady's favorite color! Try finding red outfits for little girls age 4 - very difficult but I did find one or two. She is always pulling those first to wear.

  3. I love the door and window fabric.

    I do think red is hard to find. I have lots of orangey red or wine red, but not RED.

  4. Funny how colors go in and out of fashion. I remember all the oranges of the 70s! Seems florescent/neon looking colors are sure popular in clothes right now in lime and orange.

    I have dreams (nightmares?) sometimes of returning to all the old houses I've lived in.

    You sure are going to have a colorful neighborhood of houses by year end!

  5. I love your red spools! It's funny how we fall in love with a project and then get tired of it!
    I'm still loving the spools.

  6. The columns on that first red house are so magnetic. Glad you were able to make a new eyeglass case. Have you seen the tutorials for using bits of metal tape measure as spring closures for bags?

  7. Wow. Great red eye glass case. Your red spools and happy red house.
    Beautiful houses. It would be interesting to see what they look like inside now.

  8. Your red blocks all look wonderful! Keep at it with the spools; they will make a wonderful scrappy quilt.

  9. I love your spool blocks. Another beautiful house block.

  10. What a great idea to remake your eye-glasses case - and I love that fabric!!! I'm finding myself drawn to reds more and more lately. I bought two new pieces just the other day :*) Love your scrappy house as always :*) The chimney fabric is cute - looks like ivy growing up it. I definitely think you should make a trip to see your old building - that would be fun, or at least very interesting LOL!!!

  11. fun red post!
    wonderful houses.
    your eyeglass case turned out great.
    I'm sure your grand-dog just meant to taste it, ;)

  12. Red has ALWAYS been my favorite color. I just have a hard time cutting into it. I just pet it and move on to the next color instead.