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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tradecard Tuesday: Vive Ste. Anne & Hand Sewing

Continuing our celebration of St. Ann, today's photo postcard is a little more modern than previous examples.  The card was printed in France, but there is no clue to the date of creation other than the young lady's clothing and hairstyle.  I'd guess late 1940s to early 1950s.

I have no clue as to the type of sewing machine, although it appears to be a transverse shuttle style of machine.  If anyone can identify the machine for me, please let me know!

Today's seamstress seems to be enjoying her hand sewing, too.  I wonder what a young lady of that time and place would be likely to hand stitch?

Since we're getting closer to St. Ann's feast day, I thought I'd point you to a North American landmark famous for venerating St. Ann.  Or Ste. Anne, to use the correct French spelling.  The Basilica of Sainte Anne du Beaupre is located in Quebec, Canada.  Originally a shrine to Ste. Anne, there has been a place of worship in this location since 1658.  Do check out the photo gallery of the basilica for some Ste. Anne inspiration.  Indeed, if you go to the History of Ste. Anne page and scroll down just a bit, there is a photograph of a wonderful (quilt-like!) mosaic on the vault of the Basilica.

The linky party for Ste. Anne's Feast Day is rapidly approaching!  Do join us on July 26th and share your current sewing project - or any special sewing project - in honor of Ste. Anne.  And since it looks like I'll be making my 200th blog post sometime around the Celebration of Sewing, I'll be giving away some fabric in celebration of Ste. Anne as well.  Vive Ste. Anne!

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  1. Very neat post! I've actually been to the basilica of Ste. Anne but it was a long time ago (high school) before I started quilting. There is also St. Anne's Shrine in Isle La Motte, VT. My SIL's sister got married there.