New Orleans House Project

Friday, June 7, 2013

Stairs and Squares

It's been a block by block kind of week.  
Quilt block, that is.

A recent Grandmother's Choice block was Endless Stairs.  These Barbara Brackman flag prints had been sitting in the Grandmother's Choice fabric basket, but I had never been inspired to use them in any previous BOM blocks.  I decided this block was the perfect opportunity!  Block #39 done.

Next up #40 - Art Square.  The block went together easily, but the fabric choices were frustrating.  There have already been a number of blocks with a large diagonally-set feature fabric.  I didn't want to repeat one of my large prints yet again, so I tried something different.  I was too lazy to do the math to put a pieced block in the center, so this is it!  I don't love it, but it's done.

It's nice to be caught up with the blocks for this project - I'm looking forward to tomorrow's block!

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  1. Great choices of fabrics for these blocks. Saturdays sure come quickly with these BOWs!