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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trade Card Tuesday: Life after White

Victorian advertisers like using "before" and "after" illustrations to demonstrate the amazing qualities of their products.  Sewing machine advertisers were no different.  

The White Sewing Machine Company issued  several before and after trade cards to promote their machines. 
The adverts were actually four page booklets.  The front featured an idealized vignette of a happy family with a White sewing machine.

The reverse illustrated the dangers and disadvantages of the competitor's machines:
Flimsy, difficult to use - "Out with you!!!!"
Grandmama is attacking the machine with a poker and Madame is stabbing it with her scissors!

Another reverse image:
Pa has attached a crank to the machine - "Does the crank help?"
Ma - "Yes, a little.  But the old thing will kill us both!"
Jr - "Why don't you get a White?"
Apparently using the wrong sewing machine also makes one incredibly homely!

When the bottom half of the booklet is opened, the miraculous after-effect of the White sewing machine is visible:
Peace and harmony are restored!
Interesting note - the "We have a White" script on the card mimics a design feature found on some White sewing machine cabinets.  The White name is spelled out in raised wooden letters that resemble twigs.

And of course, the White sewing machine makes everyone and everything more attractive!

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