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Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a Green, Green World

It's been a great week of playing with green.  Echoing the thoughts of other Rainbow Scrappers, I'm amazed at the range green hues, but frustrated they don't always play well with each other!  My stash of green fabrics seems to favor the lime greens and the olive greens, with a few blue greens here and there.  What's interesting is the limited number of primary green fabrics in my stash.  Is that because primary green fabrics are in short supply generally, or because I don't happen to choose them?

Just in case you want some green inspiration, I found two interesting web resources on the color green.  One is a Wikipedia entry which describes a large variety of green color variants.  The other is a green-only color wheel.

During spare moments this week I've been slicing 2.5" strips for Trip Around the World blocks.  I still haven't worked through all the greens in the stash, but I am making a small dent in yardage!  

I've squeaked in a few TATW blocks, too, but I'm saving those for a bigger reveal later this month.

This week's house block was inspired by the green palm-frond fabric.  It's a quilting cotton fabric, but the design reminds me of barkcloth.  As a fabric addict enthusiast, I am fascinated by barkcloth designs, so this fabric had to join my stash - and it makes a cool house!

I apologize for this week's funky Google Street View picture, but I really wanted to share this house.  I used to drive past the house every day on my way to work.  The owner (well, I always assumed he was the owner!) liked to sit outside on his tiny porch, watching the world go by.  The house wasn't always this color, but was always decorated to reflect the season.  This color appeared several years ago, and though it has faded a bit, it's still a neighborhood standout!  In case you're wondering, the writing on the walls says "Jesus Love You", "God Love You" and "I You".  

Don't forget - there's plenty more green goodness to be seen over at SoScrappy's blog, where all the Rainbow Scrap Challenge folks are sharing their green inspiration, too!


  1. I love your little green house block and the story of the little green house! So cute.

  2. I enjoyed the link to all the shades go green. I never knew there were THAT many. Thanks for the green houses.

  3. Angie, your green block is terrific, and that little green house has quite the interesting story!

  4. Cute house block! I have never heard of barkcloth - thanks for the link.

  5. You're right - that fabric makes a wonderful green house :*) And I love the little house - it looks cozy :*)

  6. I look forward to your colorful pictures of houses and happy scrappy house blocks. Didn't realize there were so many shades of green. Some definitely do not play well together. Thought they do in nature. They probably would if we mixed in some browns and blues, maybe some other colors and mimic nature. Guess I've described a rainbow quilt.

  7. What a pretty house you made! With such a wonderful house for inspiration! Must be an interesting house owner!

  8. What a cute green house. Someday I will make a house block/quilt. I agree that all greens don't work well stash seems to lean towards the lighter spring/lime greens too.