New Orleans House Project

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sixteen Purple Patches

More purple scraps were sliced and stitched up this week.  The purples look a little too pinky here - my fault for not photographing the blocks outside.  I'm still feeling overwhelmed by all my purple fabric:  scraps and yardage!  I've been contemplating an all-purple quilt, but that will have to remain on the back burner until I finish some other projects.

I took advantage of an empty design wall to lay out the 16-patch blocks with the companion hourglass blocks.  The hourglass blocks are not yet stitched, so I can continue to play with different layouts.  I think I will scatter the blocks rather than group them by color, but there's still plenty of time to decide.  With six more colors to add, this quilt top is a long way from completion!

There's more purple scrappiness to be shared over at Soscrappy's blog today - so much fun seeing what everyone is doing for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!