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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

(Insert Corny "Twist" Pun Here)

OK, so I finished cutting and re-piecing  my Twister quilt.  As the twisted blocks began to take shape, I kept waiting for the "ah-ha!" moment.  It never really happened.  There's not a lot of challenge in cutting out squares, sewing them together and then cutting out more squares and sewing the new squares together.  I just kept feeling like I was making a cake from a cake mix: it got the job done, but there was little creative satisfaction in it.  Maybe I'm just a piecing snob!

I'm glad I made the quilt, if for no other reason than I enjoyed collecting all the fabrics.  It looks more vibrant in person than in the photograph.  This type of quilt is definitely about fabric choices and placement.  What looks pleasing as a layout of squares on the design wall does not necessarily translate to a pleasing layout of tessellated pinwheels.  And the outer border fabric was kind of an afterthought - I purchased it last and was in a hurry to get started on the quilt, so I didn't shop very thoroughly.  I'm thinking a 2 or 3 inch border of white tone on tone type fabric, followed by an outer border of dark blue or red will help pull everything together.

There are enough fabric scraps to make a Lil Twister quilt.  I think I'll pass.  But then there's Christine Porter's Tessellation Quilts - maybe there's a pattern in there calling my name!

When finished, I think I will gift it to my youngest son.  He left his LSU quilt at home when he went off to his first job.  As a sports reporter, he feels strongly about being impartial, so maybe a red, white and blue quilt will offer the comforts of home without showing partiality!

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  1. Your son will love it! It's perfect for an impartial sports reporter!