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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scrap Happy Saturday: Clutter Control

Somewhere about the middle of the week, I was struck with the desire to do some de-cluttering and organizing in my sewing room.  I've gone through the drawers and bins, the closets and the shelves.  UFOs have been re-evaluated, fabric re-organized and scraps sliced into strips and squares.  I even took my main sewing machine to the shop for some neglected maintenance.  I won't bore you with pictures, as my sewing room is still cluttered - but it's organized clutter!

Now I feel much better prepared to focus on some quilt tops that need to get finished before the end of the year AND also use spare minutes here and there to work on Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.
Even with all that de-cluttering, I was able to finish a Road to Tennessee block for the RSC Sampler.
And a Kentucky Crossroads block.  Yup, I'm still using up chocolate scraps!
One Contrary Wife block in black and gray.

I need to finish the project on my design wall so I can lay out all my Rainbow Scrap Sampler blocks and see what colors might be lacking.  I have not given much thought as to how I want to assemble them, other than I'll probably use sashing between the blocks.

After all that organizing and stuff, I'm ready for a nice cup of tea and a visit to Angela's blog to see what the other Rainbow Scrappers have been doing this week!



  1. Beautiful block this week. Congratulations on getting things organized. This is the perfect time of year to take stock and figure out what to finish up before the end of the year.

  2. Great blocks - love the chocolate one! I really need to step back and declutter and organize a few projects up that are close to a finish. Maybe that's how I'll start off November?

  3. Your piecing is so precise. Love those chocolates...yum...and the black and grey block is wonderful!

  4. Wonderful blocks. Yummy chocolate fabric. Contrary Wife has nice contrast in the black and gray.

  5. Such fun fabrics you have in your scrap bag! It's always a Treat to see your blocks :*)

  6. Organized clutter, hmm...I'll have to try that here! LOL
    Nice blocks!

  7. Great blocks and wonderful fabrics!
    I need to do some serious decluttering myself.

  8. Sounds like fun actually. I always find things I'd forgotten about.

  9. Great blocks. Love your fabrics. I need to clean up my sewing area.

  10. Lovely blocks i brown and grey. I can relate to the de-cluttering and organising, I am just doing all my batiks today, just stopped for a break!


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