New Orleans House Project

Sunday, May 30, 2021

May Mini: It's Tomato Season!

 This month's mini quilt was inspired by two of Barb Vedder's (Fun with Barb) recent mini quilts:  Quarantini and Eggsotica.  Both feature the use of simple shapes as a fun way to play with design, color, and quilting technique.

After reading Barb's Eggsotica blog post, I got to musing about what simple shape would be meaningful to me in a similar mini quilt experiment.  Since tomato season was just getting started here in South Louisiana, tomatoes seemed like a fun idea for experimentation.

New Orleanians love their Creole Tomatoes.  Creole doesn't refer to a tomato breed, but instead is a reference to where the tomatoes are grown.  The rich, alluvial soil of the lower Mississippi delta produces richly flavored, juicy tomatoes.  

After playing with tomato shapes for awhile, I realized my tomatoes wanted to tell a story.  Specifically, a tomato sandwich story.  

I didn't learn to appreciate tomato sandwiches until I was a young adult.  A friend from Alabama introduced me to them one summer day, and I became an instant fan.  A traditional tomato sandwich is nothing but juicy, ripe tomato slices, soft white bread, mayonnaise, and a little salt and pepper seasoning.   Like everything, there are lots of variations, but that's the original recipe.

By now my mini quilt experiment had strayed a bit from the original simple shapes, but I was off and running.  Raw-edge appliqué was the best choice for all the shapes I wanted to use.  The appliqué edges were zig-zag stitched with invisible thread.  I even added a bit of machine embroidery to my mayonnaise jar, because a tomato sandwich really needs to "bring out the best"!  😃

I had wanted to experiment with Barb's matchstick-style quilting, but after trying it on some practice blocks, it just didn't do anything for the quilt.  I wound up doing outline quilting around the blocks and the appliqué shapes, using Aurifil 28wt thread.  The finished quilt measures 14 inches x 14 inches.

I had a perfect piece of backing fabric in the stash, an ode to tomatoes by Hoodie Crescent.

And a perfect location for a label!

Many thanks to Barb for the inspiration and to Wendy (The Constant Quilter) for encouraging monthly mini playtime!


  1. Oh I just love this [and my favorite variation is a toasted tomato sandwch !!]
    such an adorable mini--nice work on all of it hugs, Julierose

  2. This is so wonderful! A refreshing summer quilt.

  3. Oh, this makes me hungry...for a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich!

  4. Your mini quilt is excellent and I really enjoyed reading the story of how it came about. I love how inspiration for these minis varies so much among the participants and the quilts are so different and interesting!!!

  5. That is just the most delicious mini!!. Your idea just seemed to flow right into this summer delight. I'm going to have to give the recipe a right with some fresh home grown tomatoes.

  6. Oh I just love it - the humor of it and it's just adorably delicious;). I think your quilting is perfect for it. (I like my tomato sandwiches with bacon and lettuce included, ha ha).

  7. Oh my, that’s a great idea and so creatively interpreted! I’ve never had just a tomato sandwich, but I do like tomatoes on all sandwiches and (as Cynthia said) on BLTs. What a great finish. You couldn’t have had a more perfect backing!!

  8. Angie, that is the cutest quilt EVER. Being from south Alabama, we sure enjoyed our tomato sandwiches made just as you described. Our tomatoes were locally grown in Slocomb, AL and are still a favorite today....when we can get them.

  9. Oh, tomato sandwiches are the Very Best Sandwiches! (And now I'm hungry for one and we're weeks and weeks away from local tomatoes...)
    Love love love that quilt so much!

  10. Oh how wonderful! I have considered the tomato as a modern mini subject but I would never have come up with something this clever. It is too cute!
    I love tomato sandwiches with white squishy bread and S&P. Growing up in Illinois we used Miracle Whip. Gotta have the tangy zip!
    Sometimes I have a deconstructed sandwich in a bowl so I can use a fork and spoon :)

  11. I love your quilt! It is adorable! Hugs,

  12. What a cute quilt. I had Helmans and tomatoes on my ham sandwich today. Close....