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Sunday, February 7, 2021

T-Shirt Quiltathon Update

 The end of the T-shirt Quiltathon is in sight!

Back on New Year's Eve, I decided to tackle several bins full of t-shirts that had been waiting to be made into quilts.  I had saved enough t-shirts to make four quilts:  one for me, one for my youngest son, and two for my Dear Husband.

Fortunately, most of the t-shirts for my quilt were already cut apart and backed with fusible stabilizer.  I also found some fabric in my stash that worked great for sashing the t-shirts.  This got the quiltathon off to a good start. 

Here's my t-shirt flimsy.  The sashing fabric looks a little washed out in the picture - it's a little more vibrant than what you see here.
I even found backing fabric in my stash.  It's pink flamingos on a black background - what could be more perfect?!

Dear Son's flimsy is also finished.  His sashing is the same as mine, just a different colorway - Kaffe Fassett Paperweight.  Sigh - no backing fabric in the stash for this one.

One more completed flimsy - DH's sports-themed quilt.  

My stash supplied the light blue sashing fabric, and I had a big chunk of the darker blue (Grunge-Navy), so I knew it would work for the borders.  I had to order additional fabric to have enough for the borders, but it arrived last week and I was able to get the borders done yesterday.
The fabrics remind me of a comfortable, well-worn pair of blue jeans, which is perfect for my hubby!

I don't have any full-size Valentine-y quilts to decorate with for February, but I did pull out this mini (15 inches square) heart quilt I made in 2013.  

I didn't have any pink vintage tableware to display with the mini, so I pulled together some vintage sewing items instead.  I miss being able to hit up the flea markets and antique malls on the eternal quest for treasures!

In honor of Super (Something) Sunday, DH and I decided to have our own Super (Something) Party!  We'll be the only guests, but that's how things roll right now. 
We don't really care who wins the Big Game because both teams feature players from New Orleans.
Reminiscing back to times we actually could entertain at home, I pulled out a big flamingo platter and filled it with veggies.  Instead of ranch dip/dressing, we've got Avocado-Cilantro dip - yum!

Also on the menu:  chicken wings cooked in the crockpot (lots of garlic and ginger) and Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos.  Since it's just the two of us, I reckon I'll have leftovers to last for a couple of days!


  1. Your t-shirt quilts are fantastic and you chose great sashing and borders! Love that Kaffe Fassett print. And the blue jeansy feel of your husband's quilt. Cute Valentine mini too with your treasures. I inherited my Mom's collection of pink Depression glass which was sweet and special for Valentine's day, birthdays, etc. For years I really enjoyed "antiquing."

  2. Who would have thought that a Kaffe print would make great sashing? But wow, it looks good. In fact, all the quilts look great! I’m watching these with great interest because Cousin Kim (who sews with me twice a week) is about ready to begin 3 t-shirt quilts. I know I’ll be sucked in as observer and advisor. I love your flamingo plate, too!

  3. Oh I am so proud of you for "tackling" those t-shirt quilts. After my last one I swore I'd never do another, but with 3 grandsons now, who am I kidding? You did a fantastic job! Love those Kaffe fabrics. Looks like you made the most of the "Superbowl" despite the current situation. Thank goodness we quilters know how to adjust and adapt! Love the Valentine mini and I hope you don't mind if I link it in at the end of the month with all the other mini makers. I miss antique and flea market shopping (or in my case usually browsing) too! You made a lovely vignette with all your needlework gems.

  4. You made such great progress on your t-shirt quilts. I really like the blue fabrics. You are so right, it does look like a pair of worn in jeans. Cozy and comfy. I am sure you are so glad to cross these quilts off your list! Yay for finished quilts!

  5. Love your T-Shirt quilts - you always do such a great job! The Valentine hearts look great and the snack trey looks very good!

  6. Your post was so fun. The T shirt quilts are great. Each one perfect for the owner. Glad you get the flamingo fabric. They'll be comfy and cozy for each of you.

  7. Love your t-shirt quilts. I have a few bags of shirts from my family. I'd love to get to it but I don't even know where to start yet. Some research is required. The Super Something menu sounds wonderful, especially the avocado-cilantro dip.

  8. Congrats on getting three of the 4 T-quilt tops together, Angie!! They look great! You made 3 and my shirts are still sitting in the box. One of these days...

  9. wow - your t-shirt quilts are fabulous. What great collections of t-shirts. it was fun to check them out.
    Wonderful display of vintage sewing things.
    Wee what a fun flamingo plate!! :)