New Orleans House Project

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Cassandra's Circle BOM Block Three

During April, I got distracted with face mask sewing and other projects, and didn't get around to stitching my Cassandra's Circle block until late in the month.  I managed to finish block three well before the end of the month, but I forgot about posting my results.

I added a Fleur de Lis to my block to represent my city - New Orleans.  I learned a lot about all the variations in fleur de lis designs as I was figuring out my block addition.  

The next block in the series - Texas Star - has already been posted, so I guess I better get busy choosing fabrics and stitching!


  1. Such a lovely block--you did beautiful work on this--love the addition of that Fleur de Lis...makes it so personal;))
    ~ ~ ~ waving from my recliner Julierose;)))

  2. What a great block. Your appliques are beautifully stitches.

  3. perfect addition to make this block yours. just great

  4. Those colors are so pretty, fabrics go well together. Nice Fleur de Lis!

  5. Beautiful!!!! I made a Fluer de Leis about 10 years ago! I used all different shapes! This one is striking!

  6. Another pretty block and so special to represent your city!