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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Scrap Life

Angela of Soscrappy has been hosting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for quite a few years now.  The challenge behind the project is to use up fabric scraps from prior quilt-making efforts.  Despite several years of RSC participation, my collection of scraps has not diminished.  Honestly, that's OK with me, as I don't participate to use UP scraps, but because scrappy quilts are my favorite type of quilt!  

In fact, this month, I decided some new "scraps" were needed, so I pulled lots of fabric bits (which were clogging up the fabric storage drawers) in the RSC theme for January:  light and bright greens.  I sliced everything into standard scrappy sizes:  3.5 inches, 2.5 inches, 2 inches, and 1.5 inches.  I keep all my scrappy strips in plastic bins, ready to be pulled for future scrappy projects.

While I was digging through the bins, I noticed my 1.5 inch strip bin was getting really full.  
That inspired me to start making new blocks for my Lego quilt.  I put this project aside two years ago because I thought my scraps weren't providing enough variety.  
Maybe the scraps of 2020 will be the boost needed to finish this quilt!  I'll keep slicing up new 1.5 inch strips in each monthly RSC color and working them into the Lego quilt blocks.

I started making Carolina Chain blocks last year as a leader-ender project. 
As I was cutting green strips, I sub-cut pieces for some green blocks.  I'll continue working on these blocks in 2020, too.

These Sugar Bowl blocks have been an ongoing RSC project.  My plan was to set the blocks in groups of four, with narrow sashing and a cornerstone in the center of each block.  I assembled a couple blocks in this manner, only to realize the cornerstone drew the eye and the blocks got completely lost.  Out came the seam ripper!

Instead, I opted for a traditional, on-point setting with alternate plain blocks.  I found the perfect fabric for the plain blocks in my stash - and I had enough of it for the entire quilt!
It's a fun fabric, and I'm so happy I found a great use for it!  Now comes the fun of stitching all those pieces together.  

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  1. What charming blocks....I love how your baskets came out...hugs, Julierose

  2. Great idea to put the baskets on point!
    Now I am dying to make my own lego quilt..... yikes, I want to run to the scrap bin!

  3. Lovevthe solution amd finding that fabric in the stash.... it was meant to be! Stay safe today with the storms.

  4. what fun and playful settings of your colorful blocks.

  5. You have such fun scraps! I’ve always loved those baskets of yours and still want to make a set of them someday. The grouped setting really appeals to me, but I believe you about the distracting cornerstones. Besides, the traditional on point setting is always a winner!

  6. You found the perfect fabric for the alternate blocks between your sugar bowl blocks! That's going to be a fun quilt!

  7. I was thinking of making a Lego quilt at year end with whatever is left in my 1.5 inch scrap box. I was going to cut what was left into squares but then saw lego quilt on my list of ideas to use 1.5 inch scraps. I like that it was inspired by a vintage quilt.

    I made a Carolina Chain top last year from my 2 inch scraps. Needs quilting.

    BUT I haven't made any Sugar Bowls. Gosh that is the perfect alternate block fabric. It ties everything together beautifully. Love it!

  8. Pretty baskets look lovely on point. Love that fabric in the alternate blocks.

  9. Lovely GREEN scrappy goodness, Angie!!

  10. Scrap quilts are the best;). Your sugar bowls are... sweet as can be!

  11. Love all those sugar bowls and you're right -- the alternate block fabric is PERFECT! I love it!

  12. I'm with you - I make scrap quilts because I love them best, not to use up scraps! 8)
    I love those little sugar bowls so much - even more so with that perfect setting fabric!