New Orleans House Project

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dog Days of Summer, Chapter 2019

The Dog Days of Summer usually end in late August, but my dog days continue a little longer.
These four fur-children are my summer companions.  The black lab mix and light yellow lab mix (foreground) are my dogs, Bailey and McKenzie.  The dog with black spots is my son Andrew's dog, Moose.  The darker yellow lab is my son David's dog, Jozy.  Moose and Andrew have been living with us for the past two years while Andrew went back to school.  Jozy visits for about six weeks every summer while David is in California for work.  I call my house Doggy Day Care!

Tomorrow I get to drive to Natchitoches, Louisiana to meet up with David and hand over his dog.  Natchitoches (pronounced "Nack-a-tish") is about half-way between New Orleans and Dallas, where David and Jozy usually live.

In another week, Andrew will be taking off for Denver, Colorado and a new career since graduating from school (second time's the charm).  The plan is to leave Moose with us for a little while until he gets settled.  Then I guess another dog-delivery trip will be in order!

In spite of all the four-legged assistants, I did manage to do some Rainbow Scrap Challenge stitching this month.
For example, some Tiny Tuesday blocks with light blue or bright blue scraps.

Random 4-patch blocks that go to the Parts Department.

These Carolina Chain blocks look a bit chaotic, but they should be fine when all the scrappy colors are done and put together.

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week.  Thinking of friends and family in Florida as Hurricane Dorian churns offshore, waiting for the forces of Mother Nature to figure out where the storm will land.


  1. You have every shape and color of dog in your doggy daycare establishment, Angie! They look happy all together there! Glad you've had some time to sew, too. Your blue blocks are looking great!

  2. Oh you got a lot done--nice to have a doggy audience when you are sewing lol..
    Lovely blocks...hugs, Julierose

  3. Love those attentive doggie faces. Does your black lab look concerned though? Ha ha. It's so nice for your sons that you are able and willing to take care of their dogs! Your rainbow scrap blocks look great.

  4. I just fell in love 4 times! Those sweet faces are too adorable. How do you get anything done with those cuties looking for attention? I know you are going to miss the one that's leaving but I'm glad you manage to get so much sewing done in spite of the dogs. Hugs to all of them!

  5. Look at those faces--so sweet! I hope you have a fenced yard or do you have to walk them? I have 2 dogs in my house right now and it's a bit of a handful trying to walk them--they always want to go off in opposite directions--lol! Love all your blue scrappy sewing!

  6. Not a bad block collection for a crazy-busy month, Angie!! It looks like you enjoyed sewing with Light/Bright BLUE. In spite of running your Dog Days of Summer Doggy Daycare!!

  7. Definitely doggie day and night care at your house, but you continue to keep up with the blocks!

  8. Love all your blocks, especially the Tiny Tuesday ones. The dogs are beautiful too. Moose looks a lot like Gus, our previous dog. My daughter came home from college in Pensacola FL with him and then he stayed with DH & me!

  9. What nice pups!!! How did you get them all to sit so nice?
    Your blue blocks are great.

  10. Those fur babies are soooo lucky to have a wonderful Grandma who steps in when needed!