New Orleans House Project

Monday, April 16, 2018

More Flamingo Hexies

I've been in a hand-stitching frame of mind for the past two weeks.  My stack of prepared hexie pieces was calling out to me, so I got busy with needle and thread.  I managed to finish most of the blocks I had prepped back in October of last year.

My method is to choose a fabric from the flamingo hexie stash and cut as many variations as possible before I put the fabric away.  These blocks are two of the variations I've made from the paisley fabric.

Two variations from the green batik (sunburst) fabric.

Abstract orange flowers (?) on a fuschia background.

Flamingo admiration society?

This current batch of hexies will get added to the pile.  The project was inspired by Barb Vedder's Hex Vex pattern.  I still need quite a few more finished hexies, but if I keep taking small bites I'll get there eventually!


  1. Tres magnifique! I love those fabrics and your ideas. The flamingo heads remind me of Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades. Obviously, though, these flamingoes are guarding the gates of paradise!

  2. Wow--what lovely fabrics and nice bright colors and different designs for the blocks--great job-
    enjoy, di

  3. We got some cute flamingo fabric in the shop last week and I instantly thought of you! I don't think I will ever see flamingo fabric again without thinking of your cute hexies.

  4. Hand stitching is so satisfying! I love these colors. I especially love the flamingo block!

  5. You have an efficient plan and awesome blocks to show from it! The colors are fantastic and so tropical. I can almost feel an ocean breeze.

  6. what fun - these are looking fabulous. The flamingo block is the the best. Great color story.

  7. I think it was meant to be! Great job finding a nice quilting group. Love your warm gold tones. I just stumbled upon a few yellow scraps... need to sew them into something this week.

  8. Very nice hexies, the paisley and flamingos are my favorite.