New Orleans House Project

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Summer Star Scrappy SAL: Nine Patches Without End!

I've made some progress on the steps for the Summer Star Scrappy SAL.  I'm not completely ready to start the latest step provided by Diane, but I'm not too far behind, either.  Participating in a SAL can be UFO-inducing, and I'm trying to avoid that!

This week, I finished all 48 nine patch blocks called for in step 1.  My stash of blue fabric scraps, chunks and yardage is deep and wide, so I had fun trying to put a dent in the collection.

I also made progress on step 2:  creating white and neutral nine patch blocks.  Today I was able to finish assembling all the 3-patch sections (180 sections!), so I can work on turning them into nine patch blocks this week.

Step 3 involves making split nine patch blocks, for which HSTs are required.  It just so happens I have a hefty stack of blue and white HSTs that were waste triangles from a big batch of Flying Geese blocks I just made.  The HSTs need stitching and trimming, but I'm just happy to have them waiting in the wings.  

Sorry to not have any pretty pictures this week; it's just all about the process right now.  It will be fun to start assembling the blocks when that step rolls around!  


  1. Next to me, you are flying ahead ;)))) yours looks lovely all those blues...
    ..I've only just cut my dark 2.5" strips and put them in threes to be sewn--("Slowpoke me") . I am a few days late on this one...but I'll get snail time lol hugs, Julierose

  2. Wow! You've been busy. It's nice when you can use some hst's you had tucked away. It's even better that you remembered you had made them and knew where they were.

  3. Ah but process is what it is all about . . . you do indeed have a great stash of blues!

  4. You are making the most of your scraps...I love how you are able to use the bits left from the flying geese.