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Saturday, July 1, 2017

It's All About the Blues

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for July is blue.  Since we in the northern hemisphere are about to find ourselves in the hottest time of the year, maybe playing with blue scraps will help us stay cool.  I'm going to keep that idea in mind while I try to use up as many of my blue scraps as possible!

In the U.S., it's also our nation's birthday weekend, aka the Fourth of July.  That means we've packed ourselves off to our camp for the next several days, where we'll enjoy all kinds of outdoor summertime activities.  It's not a good time for sewing, but I did bring lots of scraps to prep.

I pulled several stacks of strips and squares from the 2 inch scrap box.  These will get prepped for a variety of RSC projects.  I also need to make almost 100 Flying Geese blocks for another scrap quilt in the works, so I brought the prepped pieces for those - maybe I'll do a little sewing...

Some folks refer to this time of year as the Dog Days of Summer.  This year, I have a new understanding of the Dog Days.  
Our oldest son, Andrew, is off exploring a host of national parks and will eventually wind up in California, hiking the John Muir Trail.  He's been planning the trip for the past year and is anticipating lots of good adventures and photographs.

While he's off adventuring, we're taking care of his dog, Moose.  

That's in addition to our two dogs, Bailey & McKenzie.

In about two weeks, we'll add another dog to the menagerie, as our youngest son's dog will come for a visit.  Every summer, youngest son David's job takes him to California for a month, so we take care of his dog, Jozy, while he's gone (Jozy and McKenzie are siblings).  

The end of the Dog Days of Summer signal the beginning of the worst stretch of Hurricane Season.  I think I'll still be glad to see the end of the Dog Days this year!

I'm curious to see what all the Rainbow Scrappers are dreaming up for their blue scraps.  There's a linky party at Angela's blog - will there be virtual barbecue and fireworks in honor of the holiday?!


  1. Dog days indeed! Wow, you are going to have a house full of puppy love. Sounds like your son has quite the adventure planned, wishing him safe and happy travels. As for you, perhaps you should stock up on doggy treats? LOL

  2. Now I know where to drop my dogs off when I go on vacation. Except you live too far away. Have a great 4th at the camp.

  3. Fortunately Mum's house is always here to take care of these sweet puppies ! :)
    I can't wait to see your blocks in blue !
    I wish a great 4th of July !

  4. There is something very relaxing about blue. Sounds like your dog days of summer will be anything but though!

  5. have fun working with blue. Your son andrew and mine look very similar. I wish him happy trails!
    You'll have a nice pack of sweet pups!

  6. Have fun at you camp! Hoping your find some cool shade to work on the prep work in BLUE. Enjoy your time in the great outdoors!!

  7. I like your blocks for RSC, just found your blog and signed up! I am a Chopin and roots in Louisiana!! Great people those Cajuns! I live in South Texas burning up this year! Glad to find your Blog

  8. Maybe the "color" for August will be dog. Except that would probably mean hurricane season's color would be cat.

  9. Thinking cool blue is a great idea. Thoughts of cool water, ocean waves. Preparing your cuts ahead is a good plan. Lots,of luck with the house full of dogs,

  10. There are lots of pretty blues in your collection; looks they will be fun to work with!

  11. So nice to have the blues are sorted out for the projects. I think that's half the job done. Dog days, fun walking the dog days. Enjoy!

  12. Looks like you are in for lots of fun during Dog Camp--lol! Blue is my favorite color, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with using their scraps!

  13. Sounds like you have a good plan for your time at camp. Those are some nice blues you have to work with.

    Cute fur babies. Best of luck to Andrew. I hope he has a safe trip and enjoys the adventure.

    Shhhh...let's skip hurricane season this year, ok?

  14. I think I'd rather have the dog days of summer than hurricane season. But at least there are no diapers to change (spoken like a true grandma). Anyway, your blue scraps look lovely. I'm still getting rid of uglies, so consider me jealous!

  15. I hope you get a little time to sew. Looks like you've got a good plan in place.
    And OMG, that's a lot of dog!