New Orleans House Project

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Green Scrappy Bits

I'm off to a slow start on Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects this month.  There was this little distraction called the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest for short) which was entertaining, but exhausting.  We had friends visiting from out of town, so prepping for that took time away from sewing, too.  It felt good to have some fabric therapy time today, as I dug through all the green scrap bins to make up some RSC blocks.

First up were some Windblown Wishes blocks from Diane Knott's book, Scrap Quilt Secrets.  These made a pretty good dent in all the lighter varieties of green in the scrap bins.

I also made some pinwheel blocks.  I need 15 of these, but I ran out of workable combos.  Time to make more scraps!

This 49-patch took every little green scrap in the bin.  I wasn't sure I could get all the different shades of green to play well together, but it's not too bad.

I've only made 4 of these blocks so far.  I'm not sure what the final plan for them will be.  They only finish at 7 inches, so I'll need a lot more of them if I want a quilt.

I also had enough bits of green to make some 4 patch blocks.  Again, there's no specific plan for these, I'm just trying to use up scraps.  I've started a notebook (in Evernote) of 4 patch quilt designs.

I still have some other Rainbow Scrap projects in need of green scraps.  I hope I'll have time for more fabric therapy this week so all my RSC projects get their infusion of green.  There's more green inspiration at the RSC link-up today.


  1. I like all your blocks, but especially those Windblown Wishes one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think the greens in your 49-patch block look wonderful together! But what impresses me the most is how you can get all those tiny bits to line up so neatly. between jazz and sewing, you had a great week!

  3. Wow - you have used every last scrap! There are so many interesting blocks/quilts coming together thanks to RSC. Lots of inspiration.

  4. AWESOME selection of GREEN scraps in your RSC blocks!

  5. Those Green's do work well together. Can't you believe you emptied a bin! Time to do some cutting and fill it up again.

  6. So many pretty green blocks, did you leave anything for the rest of the month? I love the look of your Windblown Wishes blocks, and the cute little surprises in the 49 patch - the ant, ladybug and toasters. Lovely greens.

  7. You did a great job with your green RSC. The blocks look so fresh!

  8. Your blocks are so pretty - and green is not my favorite color! I like how you played with color. The white in your 49 patch is perfect! Thank you for sharing!