New Orleans House Project

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sugar Bowl a la Kaffe

My last purple project for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge was to make some Sugar Bowl blocks using Kaffe Fassett fabrics scraps.  Finding Kaffe scraps that "read" as purple is not all that easy, especially since my collection of Kaffe fabrics is young. 

I guess the block on the right is more periwinkle than purple.  I have some additional scraps in Kaffe's Paperweight fabric in purple, but I already used the Paperweight fabric line for a blue Sugar Bowl.  Maybe I'll go back and add the purple version anyway.

I added the original purple blocks from last year's RSC, as well as the original blue Sugar Bowls and the blue Kaffe Sugar Bowls.  Hmm, I think it needs more purple! 

I totally missed sharing these blocks for Saturday's RSC link-up.  I was out of town visiting family, but planned ahead by taking pictures with my iPad so I could use the Blog Press blogging app.  Everything went as planned, except the pictures wouldn't upload.  I tried another blogging app with the same result.  I'm guessing there is some disconnect with getting the pictures into Blogger/Google, but I sure couldn't figure out how to make it happen.  Live and learn - from now on I will create my posts ahead of time and use Blogger's scheduling feature. 


  1. I have so few purples, I even keep them in my blue box. So I had to did deep for my blocks this month. Odd, that am a new orleans girl, you would think the color of kings would be in my stash.

  2. I love the mixing blue with purple !!
    Nice blocks Angie !

  3. Love your a la Kaffe blocks.

  4. "Needs more purple" is the solution to lots of life's problems...
    I love your sugar bowls!

  5. Such an interesting color. I love experimenting with the ones that can read two different colors depending on what they are paired with!

  6. Very pretty purples/blues mix--especially with those white on white for the background. I have always love WOW for some reason...hugs, Julierose

  7. Don't KF Collective fabrics make beautiful sugar bowls! I love these purples - I only posted to RSC yesterday, I was so behind!