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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear Husband's Log Cabin Quilt

In the summer of 2014, I started working on a Log Cabin quilt for my Dear Husband.  

It was his first request for a quilt, and he chose the colors and general layout scheme.  He has always had a thing for log cabins (the structures), and this may be as close as he ever gets to having a log cabin of his own!

By the end of November 2015, I was stitching down the binding.  The quilt was finally finished in time for Dear Husband's early December birthday, but I didn't get an opportunity for photographs until last weekend.

Once again, my LAQ Cindy Braiwick did an amazing job on the quilting.  There are several different designs throughout the quilt, but these pinecones are one of my favorites.  And how lucky was I to find a backing fabric with log cabins?

This block has a wreath of oak leaves surrounding a dog's face.  Hard to see, despite my best attempts at photographing.  Dear Husband is a dog lover, so Cindy was sure to include Man's Best Friend in her quilting designs.

Dog bone in the quilting!

The full quilt, hanging from the balcony at our camp (the white diagonal strip on the bottom left corner is just the stairway railing).  Dear Husband has been enjoying the quilt for weeks, and judging by the amount of dog hair it has already accumulated, so have our dogs!



  1. Oh, that's just perfect! I love the pinecones, too. 8)

  2. Very pretty. I love all the different quilting. It looks like the blocks was fun to make since the logs were not little logs.

  3. It's a beauty!! :) Love the variety of quilting and I had to laugh about the dogs !

  4. Great job - I am sure he just loves it. Pinecones and dogs are such a nice touch.

  5. Your hubby did a great job selecting fabrics and they layout. Your friend's quilting designs are perfect for a man's quilt.

  6. A very sweet gift for your DH (knowing that it may be the only Log Cabin he is likely to get!!) I love the fact that he requested the quilt. My guys are all likely to tell you that they have enough quilts. Can you imagine?!?!

  7. How sweet! I love it. I think it is wonderful that your husband would ask for a quilt. I don't think mine would ever dare!