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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday: School Days

It's Back-to-School time here in the US and I'm feeling nostalgic about my kids' school days.  When we lived in Pensacola, my boys attended an elementary school that had a very open-door policy toward parents.  I logged many hours volunteering in the boys' classrooms and with other activities around the school.  I was lucky enough to spend more time with their teachers than just parent-teacher conferences and Parent's Lunch Day!

I made a number of quilts as teacher gifts, but I only have photographs of two of them, both from the 1995 school year.  Hard to believe that was 20 years ago!

This quilt was for my youngest son's kindergarten teacher.  I made two large "stamp pads" using acrylic paint, wet sponges and disposable plastic plates.  The kids in the class took turns stamping their handprints onto pre-cut squares of white 100% cotton fabric.  We washed their stamping hand off and then had them write their name on their block.  The teacher did a block, too - it's in the center of the quilt.  I found a great novelty print fabric featuring kids (click on the picture for a closer view) for the sashing and and borders.  The quilt is tied with red and blue embroidery thread.  

I made a similar quilt for my oldest son's second grade teacher.  Same pre-cut 100% cotton squares, but this time I had the kids draw a self-portrait using fabric crayons.  I took the squares home and ironed them to set the pictures.  The sashing and borders were made from a neon-print of sea creatures.  This one is tied with black embroidery thread.

When we moved to New Orleans I lost touch with most of the folks I knew from those school days, and I don't know what happened to the quilts.  My kids' new school was not quite so parent-friendly and I never made another teacher quilt.  That's OK, my boys were getting older and probably would have been embarrassed to have their mom making quilts for the teachers or the school!


  1. Thanks for posting these quilts. They are wonderful treasures for the teachers. I would think they still have their quilts and fond memories of these students.

  2. Those are such sweet quilts! No doubt the teachers still treasure them. I know I would!!

  3. What wonderful memories for those teachers!!

  4. Great quilts and a fabulous idea for teacher's gifts!
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  5. what fun teacher quilts. The handprints are so sweet. I made one with each of my kids classes. It is fun to get kids involved. Great memories!

  6. You are so creative. So glad have pictures.

  7. Oh, aren't those just the cutest!