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Friday, April 10, 2015

Stars in a Time Warp: Playing with Green

I am still trying to catch up with the fabric colors and styles presented in Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp QAL.  I made some blocks with indigo, madder and double pink prints, but the historic green colors made me pause.  I wasn't sure I had a good sense of what "over-dyed green" should look like and I was pretty sure I didn't have any green calicoes in my stash.
I decided to order one of the examples of over-dyed green fabric Barbara Brackman referenced in her blog.  She considered the Moda Bella solid "Leaf" (9900-192) to be a close approximation of the solid green color found in mid to late 19th century quilts.  
I'm glad I ordered that fabric, because the color is nowhere near what I was picturing in my head.  I immediately went digging through the toile drawer (yes, I have an entire drawer stuffed with toile fabric!), because I knew I had a fabric that would look smashing with Leaf.
I pulled the green toile and a couple of other greens that played well with Leaf.  The colors in the picture don't reflect the true colors at all!  I'll just go ahead make some Sawtooth Star blocks and I bet everything will look great.  Or, maybe to be really authentic, I need to make the blocks with some red or chrome yellow fabric!

I was also concerned about the lack of green calicoes in my stash.  However, I found a wonderful surprise when I was digging through the toile drawer.
This bundle has been marinating in the stash for over 10 years!  It's a collection of FQs by Laurene Sinema entitled "1850's Legacies and Beyond".  Finding this bundle brought back sweet memories of The Quilt Cottage - New Orleans' premiere quilt shop for years and years.  Sadly, the shop closed in 2007 after the death of long-time owner, Carol Schiaffino.  The Quilt Cottage deserves its own blog post - and I'll write that some day.
Look at all those gorgeous reproduction colors!
There are 14 fat quarters in a wide array of 19th century colors and patterns.  No worries about green calicoes now, or chrome yellow.
The collection also includes a stripe...
Some faux applique frames suitable for labels...
And some "cheater" applique blocks!

I think the Stars in a Time Warp blocks are the perfect way to start using this wonderful fabric collection!


  1. First, your stars look beautiful. Love your fabrics. Second, on my only trip to New Orleans over 13 years ago, I visited the Quilt Cottage. We were staying in the French Quarter and took a trolley and then a long walk through a beautiful neighborhood to get there. It was a delightful shop and I probably still have fabric from there in my stash. I Googled them after your last post when you mentioned your LQS. I wondered if they still were around, but sadly they were not. You confirmed in your post that they are not there. Sorry to hear that but thank you for the wonderful memories. Your green calico and chrome yellow blocks are going to be wonderful!!!!

  2. Sawtooth stars are on my to-do list, I love yours. I think your inner conscious knew you would be needing that fabric for this quilt!

  3. The stars have been a wonderful catalyst to get you digging into your stash. What a great collection of fabrics now to enjoy. Such a fun project!

  4. Oh those fabrics are gorgeous! I am running out of excuses as to why I haven't started these sweet little blocks. Soon, really, I will.

  5. Oh those fabrics are gorgeous! I am running out of excuses as to why I haven't started these sweet little blocks. Soon, really, I will.

  6. I love star blocks, no matter the star. Always sad to lose a quilt shop, no matter the reason. Fun to find 'forgotten' purchases.

  7. great great blocks!
    Love that fabric collection, they'll work wonderfully