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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

I have succumbed to Barbara Brackman's latest quiltalong:  Stars in a Timewarp.  Every week she shares information about different styles or colors of fabrics and participants make a Sawtooth Star block to reflect the fabric discussed that week.  The QAL started in mid-January and I was able to resist the temptation to join in despite seeing star blocks all over blogland and Instagram every week.

Obviously, resistance is futile!  I especially liked the idea of making 4" stars (instead of the QAL's 6" stars) as shared by Barb of Fun with Barb.  I jumped in and started making blocks yesterday, trying to catch up.  Making these blocks in the 4" size is kind of like eating potato chips - one is not enough!

My first block was a practice block using random scraps.  It turned out so cute I might have to keep making these for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

I like to make my Flying Geese blocks using the no-waste method found on Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache (Speed Piecing Method B).  I needed a practice block to make sure I calculated the right measurements for cutting fabric.  I wound up with this recipe for my 4" Sawtooth Stars:

Main fabric
Block Center:  cut 1  2 1/2" square
Flying Geese Wings:  cut 4  1 7/8" squares
Background fabric
Flying Geese background:  cut 1  3 1/4" square
Corners: cut 4  1 1/2" squares

Use the Flying Geese Speed Piecing Method B to make 4 Flying Geese units.  Press carefully and trim dog ears (also trim units as needed to square up).  Arrange all the block units in order.  Stitch corner units to the top and bottom Flying Geese units.  Stitch side Flying Geese units to center block.  Join all three block units together and press.  Gather scraps and make another one!

Here are my Stars in a Timewarp blocks so far.  The next block calls for using overdyed green fabric, which has me a bit stymied.  I need to play with some fabric combinations and see if I can make it work.  

If you'd like to see more Stars in a Timewarp blocks, check out #starsinatimewarp on Instagram.


  1. LOVE your new little stars!! Have FUN doing the Time Warp, again.

  2. Hooray! your stars look great. Isn't that little size fun?
    Your combinations are wonderful! can I link this post in my next post?

  3. Those stars are lovely. I have resisted the temptation to start in on that as I never finished last years BOM. I really thought I should do that if I was going to do anything. But like you, I keep seeing those stars popping up, and it is getting harder to resist.

  4. Resistance is futile! I snorted my coffee on that one! Too funny. I think I see 4" stars in my future too, and we can blame it all on Barb! LOL

  5. Ahhh - temptation is everywhere in Blogland my friend!!! But stars - they are just too wonderful to resist. Love your 4" version - going small is the thing I can never resist :)

  6. You read my mind! Every week I want to jump in to this QAL and catch up. You jumped in so well, that you may just inspire me to start this week. You went with the smaller stars, and I was thinking of going larger. Love the fabrics you're using, especially the backgrounds!

  7. Lovely stars! It makes me want to make some too, just so tempting!