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Thursday, November 20, 2014

TBT: First Quilt Show

In my early years as a quilter, I was lucky to be a member of a supportive quilt group, the Pensacola Quilter's Guild.  The guild was relatively small, but had a wonderful cross-section of quilters - from new quilters like me to professionals who taught classes all over the country and authored quilt books.  The guild put on a judged show every two years, and as a new quilter I was encouraged to enter a quilt "for the experience of it!". 
I had been working on a quilt from Variations on Irish Chain Quilts by Betty Jo Shiell.  I decided to finish the quilt and enter it in the upcoming show, scheduled for March, 1991. 
I remember working feverishly to finish the hand quilting in the white center blocks in time for the quilt drop-off date!

As so often happens with quilts hanging in quilt shows - the picture doesn't do the quilt justice.  The pink and green print was soft and feminine, perfect for a baby girl's crib quilt.  I used both machine and hand quilting on the project, but I do remember the judge criticized my quilt for not having enough quilting in the border.  I knew that - I had just run out of time to do any more quilting!  Still, I received a third place ribbon - because there were only two quilts entered in that category!

The quilt was gifted to a baby girl, the new daughter of some good friends.  I still have the ribbon, as well as the program from the show.  It was a treat to leaf through the program and remember quilters and their quilts from "back in the day" - and reminiscing is all part of the fun on Throwback Thursday!

BTW, if you enjoy reminiscing about your personal quilt history - consider creating a TBT post and linking up via Diane's blog, Butterfly Threads!


  1. Love the story! I had to laugh at your reaction to the judge's comment. I don't think I've ever been surprised by a comment, and I usually agree! I hope that girl still has her quilt all these years later. What a treasure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. met the challenge for the show and did so well! Doesn't matter how many quilts were in your category...job well done! Thanks for sharing your quilting history!

  3. I love hearing the stories behind the quilts. Yours is beautiful and deserved the ribbon hanging on it!. I was just on a retreat 3 weeks ago and did a Modern version of the Double Irish Chain. I will be posting it very soon. I also stopped over at Diane's and joined the TBT linky party.

  4. great story and what a nice ribbon! This is such a great classic pattern!

  5. Beautiful story and beautiful quilt. Congratulations!

  6. Those were the days!! So glad our paths crossed and we are both still quilting.