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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Flamingo Fun!

Growing up in Florida, I was exposed to souvenir kitsch at an early age.  Back in pre-Disney days, Florida tourist attractions were smaller and had more local flavor.  Being a kid, I was always drawn in by souvenirs offered in the ever-present gift shop - seashell figurines, carved coconuts, postcards and snow globes - so many unlikely items to catch the eye!  
Musical pink flamingo snow globe

Years later, my nursing school roommate and I took great delight in bringing each other "tacky tourist" gifts whenever we returned from visiting our respective Florida home towns.

My delight in Florida souvenirs eventually focused on pink flamingos.  Such a beautiful bird and such a wonderful souvenir subject!
Pink flamingo nodder clock

  Eventually, Dear Husband built me a cabinet to house the smaller flamingos.

And the stuffed flamingos are on top of my quilting bookshelf.
So far, I only have one flamingo quilt though.

This quilt was made as part of a guild challenge.  We were to complete a UFO without buying any new fabric.  I had already made the attic window blocks featuring flamingo fabric, so I used the leftovers for an inner and outer border and found a coordinating print in my stash for the binding.  
I hand quilted sunbursts in the attic windows.
 And pink flamingos in the outer borders!


  1. Love it all! My sort of stepmother also collects flamingos..I have the best time looking for stuff for her every year! I have made her a flamingo quilt too :)

  2. Our kitsch tourist stuff is koalas and boomerangs, but I don't collect it. I do have a reasonable collection of those teaspoons with touristy medals on the handles. (I even have one from Florida) I keep them in a mug featuring a cat and put the whole lot on the table for guests to choose their spoon. Invariably causes much comment, as they poke in the mug looking for the spoon they want to use (even those who don't take sugar have a poke around too).

  3. The big thing now out on Pensacola Beach seems to be dolphin stuff, it's everywhere!

  4. Love it. I seem to have fallen in to collecting owls and pigs. The daughter always buys me one of these when she's out.
    Love the quilt and the hand quilting xxx

  5. What a fun collection Angie!!! And love the flamingos hand-quilted into your quilt border - very creative!!! I collected seahorses from Ocean City MD where we went when I was a kid - kind of the same kitschy kind of stuff :) I also collect panda bears. I must be the eternal kid :) One of these days, I'll grow up and collect grown-up stuff .... nah, probably not!

  6. I could easily be tempted to collect flamingos if I did not already colect penguins. I love your quilt! I told my husband that the first thing I wanted to buy for my new house was a flamingo, and he stands out there proudly. Don't tell my husband, but I plan on buying a new one every year!

  7. I love your flamingo collection! I started buying my son tacky snow globes from my travels and they include the Taj Mahal complete with snow and the pyramids!

  8. Cute, cute cute flamingos- my Mom got a flamingo tee shirt for her 95th b-day today! navy with bright pink--how cute...hugs, Julierose

  9. Cute flamingo's. I have two friends who collect flamingos. One of them also quilts. I sent her a link to this post.

  10. What a pretty quilt! And cute collection : :)

  11. so fun! I love your collection - it's such a happy and cheerful grouping!